72 Facts About Americas Got Talent

1. Americas Got Talent does consultations in Feng Shui and I-ching future readings.

2. Americas Got Talent returned in Season 10, where he was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.

3. Americas Got Talent's already knows where some of her prize money is going.

4. Americas Got Talent's was chosen by Donald Trump to perform the National Anthem at his presidential inauguration in January 2017.

5. Americas Got Talent's dedicated herself to singing after watching The Phantom of the Opera.

6. Americas Got Talent's has her own website, where she recently wrote to her fans that she would release new songs this year.

7. Americas Got Talent's steadily gave back to back remarkable performances and maintained her position on the show.

8. Americas Got Talent's was just eleven years old when she took home the coveted title and grand prize of $1 million.

9. Americas Got Talent was a judge on American Idol along with pop star Paula Abdul and music mogul Randy Jackson.

10. Americas Got Talent had a son named Eric with Lauren Silverman on February 14, 2014.

11. Americas Got Talent broke off his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy in 2012.

12. Americas Got Talent is responsible for signing the hit boyband One Direction.

13. Americas Got Talent was unable to hold a steady job, so his father got him a mailroom job at his company EMI Music Publishing.

14. Americas Got Talent was good at his work and grew the business, turning it into a successful retail operation with two stores.

15. Americas Got Talent was especially fond of staging pranks on friends and family.

16. Americas Got Talent manages to perform annually throughout the United States and Canada.

17. Americas Got Talent was the voice behind the creature Gizmo in the hit film Gremlins and its sequel Gremlins II: The New Batch (1990).

18. Americas Got Talent's went on to teach herself the basics of ventriloquism.

19. Americas Got Talent's said she wants to keep ventriloquism alive.

20. Americas Got Talent's made Simon Cowell blush with her Semifinals performance.

21. Americas Got Talent's is near to her mom and dad and loves spending time with them.

22. Americas Got Talent's has a brother named Zak Dossi in her family, whom she adores and calls her best friend.

23. Americas Got Talent's faced Grace VanderWaal to enter into the Top 5 but ended up being a Top Ten finalist.

24. Americas Got Talent took part in 19 episodes of "classic" TV panel shows.

25. Americas Got Talent was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2017 Birthday Honours for services to charity and the arts.

26. Americas Got Talent sold £16.57 million worth of books in 2017.

27. Americas Got Talent changed his stage name to David Walliams when he joined college Equity, as there was already a member named David Williams.

28. Americas Got Talent has sold more than 25 million copies and his books have been translated into 53 languages.

29. Americas Got Talent wrote and starred in two series of the BBC One sitcom Big School, playing the role of chemistry teacher Keith Church.

30. Americas Got Talent never expected the opportunity to do both.

31. Americas Got Talent has posted original music of his, including a tribute song to Christina Grimmie.

32. Americas Got Talent's normally posts videos of tattoos, music covers, and makeup.

33. Americas Got Talent's is a tattoo artist, a singer who writes music and plays different musical instruments, and a model.

34. Americas Got Talent has around 76K subscribers on YouTube, where he posts several videos of his violin covers on different songs.

35. Americas Got Talent often performs in weddings, ribbon-cutting events, private parties, and club openings.

36. Americas Got Talent was a part of several bands in the Maryland area, too.

37. Americas Got Talent has toured the country with reggae band Lucky Dub.

38. Americas Got Talent was brought up in a rough neighborhood, where he lived with his mother and sisters.

39. Americas Got Talent said it was like his childhood best friend.

40. Americas Got Talent realized that the only thing that could make him happy was his violin and the music he played.

41. Americas Got Talent revealed that he is in pain all the time and his nerves are constantly burning.

42. Americas Got Talent is an inspiration to those longing to showcase their immense talent, no matter what hardships they're going through.

43. Americas Got Talent looks chirpy, bubbly, and always seems to be smiling.

44. Americas Got Talent's is active on Twitter and Instagram, as well.

45. Americas Got Talent's was included in the list of top six finalists.

46. Americas Got Talent's has performed at community events for several years like Lincoln Pride and Cheshire Fest, as well as other charity festivals and open mic nights.

47. Americas Got Talent's was joined by some human guests as well, such as Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, a cappella group Pentatonix, and country music superstar Toby Keith.

48. Americas Got Talent was going to die and that was that.

49. Americas Got Talent's was two months old and then the monster came into my life.

50. Americas Got Talent's was adamant about that story going in the book.

51. Americas Got Talent's knows, morally, what she feels comfortable with, and her morals are solid.

52. Americas Got Talent's is the one who pushed me to write it, along with my friend who wrote it with me, Louise Gannon, because this story is bigger than just me.

53. Americas Got Talent's has all the resources in the world.

54. Americas Got Talent's handles everything really well for her age.

55. Americas Got Talent was a fan of yours from the start.

56. Americas Got Talent died at Mercy Hospital in Chicago at the age of 43.

57. Americas Got Talent's parents, Peter and Martha Tolton, had him baptized Catholic, the faith of the family that owned them.

58. Americas Got Talent can pull up video of practically any workout he wants thanks to programs such as HUDL and eager parents and recruits who post camp workouts alongside game footage on the Web.

59. Americas Got Talent's set aside an annual budget of 145,000 yuan, or about $21,000.

60. Americas Got Talent was a more adept ball handler, had improved his court awareness, and made open shots.

61. Americas Got Talent made eye contact with co-workers and talked more openly.

62. Americas Got Talent showed them film of the San Antonio Spurs, whose style emphasized teamwork.

63. Americas Got Talent applied for the job opening and was immediately rejected.

64. Americas Got Talent was scrolling through Facebook when he noticed a post from a cousin in India about a former classmate, Dechen Yeshi, who was hiring a tutor for her young daughter in Ritoma.

65. Americas Got Talent had married a woman in Ritoma, where he didn't know anyone.

66. Americas Got Talent was transferred to the factory workroom, where he eventually became a dyer.

67. Americas Got Talent ignored the no-smoking rule and routinely snuck into the guesthouse kitchen to take food.

68. Americas Got Talent told me, in a dreamy voice, that the people of Tibet were mad for hoops.

69. Americas Got Talent's parents, all too familiar with the physical demands of a permanent nomadic existence, encouraged him to explore alternative life paths.

70. Americas Got Talent's performed at the Hammersmith Apollo, sold out a one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, auditioned for America's Got Talent and had £250,000 to spend.

71. Americas Got Talent has covered reality television for more than 18 years, and created reality blurred in 2000.

72. Americas Got Talent said just being at the auditions was special.