18 Facts About Angel Corella


Angel Corella is credited with ushering in a new era for male ballet in America, thanks to his appearance in the iconic 2002 documentary Born to be Wild and successful franchise show Kings of the Dance.

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Angel Corella is the most featured dancer of the American Ballet Theatre in DVD recordings and his appearance as Prince Siegfried in the PBS presentation of Swan Lake won an Emmy Award.

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Angel Corella is the only dancer with a statue in the Madrid Wax Museum, and has both a secondary school and dance museum named after him.

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Angel Corella has been a judge on the Spanish version of the popular television show Mira Quien Baila.

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Angel Corella has performed as a guest artist with such companies as The Royal Ballet in London, the La Scala Ballet in Milan, the New York City Ballet, the Australian Ballet, the Ballet of Tokyo, the Asami Maki Ballet, Ballet Contemporaneo de Caracas, the National Ballet of Chile and the Kirov Ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia.

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In recent years Corella has danced for an array of world leaders including Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Letizia of Spain, the Duchess of Alba and United States Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush.

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Angel Corella has on several occasions been a guest at the White House.

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In 2006, Angel Corella established the touring show Kings of the Dance alongside fellow leading men Gudrun Bojesen of The Royal Danish Ballet; Johan Kobborg of the Royal Ballet; Ethan Stiefel of ABT; and Nikolay Tsiskaridze of the Bolshoi Ballet.

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The next year, Angel Corella was the sole returning original cast member to perform it at the Mariinsky Festival.

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Angel Corella has collaborated for gala performances with a variety of artists including actress Bette Midler, violinist Ara Malikian as well as opera singers Cecilia Bartoli and Ainhoa Arteta.

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In 1998 a young Angel Corella appeared on the long-running children's television show Sesame Street.

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In 2006 Angel Corella appeared alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in the big-budget Christmas commercial for the luxury cava Freixenet.

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Angel Corella was the sole performer in the 2008 multi media campaign for Rolex, for which he was the Spanish ambassador for several years.

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Angel Corella has represented high fashion designers such as Loewe, as well as popular dance brands such as Bloch and Sansha.

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In 2014 Angel Corella was a judge on the Spanish version of the American hit TV show Dancing with the Stars.

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Angel Corella has appeared on a variety of talk shows in the United States including Charlie Rose and Jay Leno, as well as many Spanish entertainment programs like Buena Fuente, Sorpresa Sorpresa and Quien Vive Aqui.

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In early 2013 Angel Corella made the decision to dissolve the company to pursue other projects, indicating that he would likely head to the United States for professional reasons.

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Angel Corella continues to perform internationally, collaborating with various artists and choreographers, and was appointed as the Artistic Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet in July, 2014.

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