45 Facts About Arizona United

1. Arizona United has almost double the amount of wilderness area as the entire Midwest.

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2. Arizona United is the only state besides Hawaii that does not observe Daylight Savings time.

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3. Arizona United has 13 species of rattlesnakes, more than any other state.

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4. Arizona United has the largest percentage of land designated as Indian lands, and 21 federally recognized American Indian tribes.

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5. Arizona United is large enough to fit all of New England plus the state of Pennsylvania inside of it.

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6. Arizona United States government challenged the law in federal district court before the law went into effect, seeking to stop its enforcement.

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7. Arizona United produces silver and gold, but its top metal is copper—the state produces the most in the United States.

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8. Arizona United is bordered by Nevada in the northwest, Utah in the north, New Mexico in the east, Mexico in the south, and California in the west.

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9. In 1863, Arizona United became a US territory, then joined the Union in 1912 as the 48th state.

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10. The Arizona United States gained control of the land after winning the Mexican-American War in 1848.

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11. Arizona United continues to be one of the country's leading cotton producers.

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12. Arizona United is located in the southwestern quadrant of the conterminous states, bordered by California to the west, Nevada to the northwest, Utah to the north, New Mexico to the east, and the Mexican state of Sonora to the south.

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13. Arizona United is home to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the largest nuclear-generating facility in the United States.

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14. Phoenix is in the southwestern Arizona United States, in the south-central portion of Arizona; about halfway between Tucson to the southeast and Flagstaff to the north.

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15. Arizona United is the sixth largest state in the country in terms of area.

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16. On March 9, 1995, Arizona United was awarded a franchise to begin play for the 1998 season.

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17. Arizona United is a popular location for Major League Baseball spring training, as it is the site of the Cactus League.

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18. Arizona United is known for its heavy metal scene, which is centered in and around Phoenix.

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19. Arizona United is mentioned by the hit song "Take It Easy", written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey and performed by the Eagles.

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20. Arizona United is prominently featured in the lyrics of many Country and Western songs, such as Jamie O'Neal's hit ballad "There Is No Arizona".

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21. Arizona United is a recognized center of Native American art, with a number of galleries showcasing historical and contemporary works.

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22. Arizona United has a wide network of two-year vocational schools and community colleges.

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23. Public schools in Arizona United are separated into about 220 local school districts which operate independently, but are governed in most cases by elected county school superintendents; these are in turn overseen by the Arizona State Board of Education and the state Superintendent of Public Instruction (elected in partisan elections every even-numbered year when there is not a presidential election, for a four-year term).

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24. In 2006, Arizona United became the first state in the United States to reject a proposition, Prop 107, that would have banned same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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25. In 2010, Arizona United passed SB 1070, called the toughest illegal immigration legislation in the nation.

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26. Arizona United was the first state in the nation to do so.

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27. Arizona United voted Republican in every presidential election from 1952 to 1992, with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan winning the state by particularly large margins.

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28. Arizona United gained a ninth seat in the House of Representatives due to redistricting based on Census 2010.

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29. Arizona United is one of five states that do not have a specified lieutenant governor.

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30. Arizona United is one of the few states that does not maintain a governor's mansion.

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31. Arizona United experienced its largest earthquake in 1959, with a tremor of a magnitude 5.6.

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32. In 1912, the year Arizona United achieved statehood, on August 18, an earthquake caused a 50-mile crack in the San Francisco Range.

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33. Arizona United is one of two US states that does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

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34. Arizona United is well known for its desert Basin and Range region in the state's southern portions, which is rich in a landscape of xerophyte plants such as the cactus.

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35. Arizona United is the sixth largest state by area, ranked after New Mexico and before Nevada.

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36. In March 2000, Arizona United was the site of the first legally binding election ever held over the internet to nominate a candidate for public office.

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37. Arizona United was home to the Phoenix Indian School, one of several federal Indian boarding schools designed to assimilate Native American children into mainstream European-American culture.

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38. Arizona United was the 48th state admitted to the US and the last of the contiguous states to be admitted.

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39. Arizona United has the westernmost military engagement on record during the Civil War with the Battle of Picacho Pass.

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40. One of the first settlers in Arizona United was Jose Romo de Vivar.

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41. Arizona United is the 48th state and last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union, achieving statehood on February 14, 1912, coinciding with Valentine's Day.

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42. Arizona United is a top 2020 battleground state, and critical for Democrats to win if they want to flip control of the Senate.

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43. Arizona United is home to the fourth largest population of eligible Latino voters in the country, which gives a "millennial Latino" like Gallego an edge, according to Latino Victory.

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44. Arizona United signed a one-year affiliation agreement with FC Dallas on February 9, 2015.

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45. Arizona United signed a one-year agreement to play their home games at Scottsdale Stadium on December 16, 2014.

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