24 Facts About Atommash


Atommash is a multidisciplinary engineering company located in Volgodonsk, Rostov Oblast, Russia.

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Atommash started producing equipment for the nuclear energy industry in 1977.

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In 1981, Atommash produced its first reactor for the second unit of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant.

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Atommash had to find customers outside Russia and to produce a broader scope of goods.

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Several Founders of EMK JSC were direct competitors of Atommash OJSC, which was a violation of the Russian antitrust law.

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LLPs, owned by the corrupt external management of Atommash, obtained strategic raw materials, components and semi-finished products at extremely low prices.

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Products manufactured by those LLPs on the territory of Atommash, were sold at a profit for the LLPs, while the damage was reflected on the balance sheet of Atommash OJSC.

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Colossal non-core assets and vast territories of Atommash, including agricultural companies with their land, were expropriated.

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Atommash OJSC contributed its liquid assets and production assets to the charter capital of EMK-Atommash JSC.

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Formally, Atommash OJSC was forcibly liquidated as a legal entity on 25.

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Bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC was inspected by the Audit Chamber of Russian Federation at the request of the Committee for industry, construction, transport and scientific technologies of the State Duma of Russian Federation ?3.

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The purpose of the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC was to deprive its majority shareholders - the State itself and Concern YACONTO JSC - of their property, and therefore, of control over the economic, financial and production activities of the industrial giant.

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In 2001, Atommash manufactured several items for the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, including the footing for the reactor and four 82-ton water tanks.

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In 2009 Atommash re-initiated the manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power plants.

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We can promote the process by making direct contracts with Atommash, creating a joint venture and singling out its nuclear division.

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Liquid assets, primarily, production facilities of "Energomash-Atommash" LLC were transferred to a new legal entity - "Energomash-Atommash" JSC.

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Production of modern high-tech equipment for development of nuclear industry around the world will be facilitated by Atomenergoprom JSC and the French corporation Alstom as a joint venture "Alstom-Atomenergomash" LLC on the premises of Atommash OJSC, leased by State Corporation Rosatom in late 2012.

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One of the early successes of Atommash was the manufacturing of a vacuum chamber toroidal doughnut for the T-15 fusion reactor at the Kurchatov Institute - at 6 meters high, 11 meters in diameter and 120 tons.

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Atommash practiced electron beam welding, automatic welding in narrow cutting, automatic welding of nozzles, welding of large-sized products with wall thickness up to 600 millimetres .

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Atommash exported its production to Germany, United States, France, China, Japan, India, Singapore, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Cuba, Indonesia and others.

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Atommash has its own heavy duty mooring berth on Tsimlyansk Reservoir, which allowed shipping bulky and heavy products, which used to be a natural advantage of Atommash over its domestic competition.

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The quality of items produced by Atommash has been confirmed by an international certificate issued by ASME .

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In 2009 Atommash re-initiated the manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power plants.

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Since 2012, Atommash plant is a part of Atomenergomash, the Rosatom's machine building division.

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