7 Facts About Brexit Secretary

1. Brexit Secretary is the baseline for Douglas Board's comic political thriller Time of Lies.

2. Brexit Secretary has created a resurgence in academic and political advocacy for negotiating trade and migration agreements with the "CANZUK" countries – those of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

3. Brexit Secretary requires relocating the offices and staff of the European Medicines Agency and European Banking Authority, currently based in London.

4. Brexit Secretary talks between the UK and the EU are taking place in a sequenced order, which has led to no little confusion in the debate.

5. Brexit Secretary said the deal would give Britain "special" status and help sort out some of the things British people said they didn't like about the EU, like high levels of immigration - but critics said the deal would make little difference.

6. Brexit Secretary has ruled out staying a member of the single market, as some of his pro-EU MPs want, so he can carry out his plans to nationalise key industries without being hampered by EU competition rules.

7. Brexit Secretary said no comment would be made unless and until 48 letters were received.