13 Facts About Brooklyn Dodgers

1. The Brooklyn Dodgers played their last game on September 24, 1957, and the Los Angeles Dodgers their first on April 18, 1958.

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2. In 1947, the Brooklyn Dodgers made a decision that changed baseball forever.

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3. The Brooklyn Dodgers won their second straight NL West championship but lost again to the Cardinals in the Division Series.

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4. At this point, the Brooklyn Dodgers trailed the San Diego Padres by 1½ games in the wild card slot, and the Arizona Diamondbacks by 3½ games.

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5. The Brooklyn Dodgers rebounded from losing the first two games, with Koufax pitching shutouts in Games five and seven to win the crown and the World Series MVP Award.

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6. The Brooklyn Dodgers had a heated rivalry with the Cincinnati Reds during the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s.

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7. In 2014, the Brooklyn Dodgers introduced an alternate road jersey: a gray version with the "Dodgers" script instead of the city name.

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8. In 1970, the Brooklyn Dodgers removed the city name from the road jerseys and had "Dodgers" on both the home and away uniforms.

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9. The blue background used by the Brooklyn Dodgers, would be adopted by the Mets, honoring their New York NL forebears with a blend of Dodgers blue and Giants orange.

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10. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the pennant in 2017 and 2018, but lost the World Series to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox respectively.

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11. The Brooklyn Dodgers won four more pennants in 1966, 1974, 1977 and 1978, but lost in each World Series appearance.

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12. Los Angeles Brooklyn Dodgers are an American professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, California.

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13. The name "Trolley Brooklyn Dodgers" implied the dangers posed by trolley cars in Brooklyn generally, which in 1892, began the switch from horse-power to electrical power, which made them much faster, and were hence regarded as more dangerous.

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