24 Facts About Cape Town

1. Cape Town is blessed with the most number of Blue Flag Beaches in South Africa.

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2. Cape Town was the first city outside of Europe to receive Blue Flag status due to its high-quality water, fantastic facilities, safety and cleanliness of its beaches.

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3. Cape Town was the first non-European city to receive Blue Flag status.

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4. Cape Town is one of the highly populated cities of South Africa.

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5. Cape Town is one of South Africa's most historically important cities.

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6. Cape Town has two kinds of taxis: metered taxis and minibus taxis.

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7. Cape Town is one terminus of the luxury tourist-oriented Blue Train as well as the five-star Rovos Rail.

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8. Cape Town has direct flights to most cities in South Africa as well as a number of international destinations.

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9. Cape Town has become a popular study abroad destination for many international college students.

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10. Cape Town has a well-developed higher system of public universities.

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11. Cape Town was a host city to the 2010 FIFA World Cup from 11 June to 11 July 2010, further enhancing its profile as a major events city.

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12. City of Cape Town has vast experience in hosting major national and international sports events.

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13. Cape Town was the location of several of the matches of the FIFA 2010 World Cup including a semi-final, held in South Africa.

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14. Cape Town regularly hosts the national team, the Springboks, and hosted matches during the 1995 Rugby World Cup, including the opening ceremony and game, as well as the semi-final between New Zealand and England that saw Jonah Lomu run in four tries.

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15. In November 2013, Cape Town was voted the best global city in The Daily Telegraph's annual Travel Awards.

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16. Cape Town has four major commercial nodes, with Cape Town Central Business District containing the majority of job opportunities and office space.

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17. Cape Town hosted nine World Cup matches: Six first-round matches, one second-round match, one quarter final and one semifinal.

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18. Cape Town has recently enjoyed a booming real estate and construction market, because of the 2010 FIFA World Cup as well as many people buying summer homes in the city or relocating there permanently.

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19. Cape Town is the economic hub of the Western Cape Province, South Africa's second main economic centre and Africa's third main economic hub city.

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20. Cape Town has a warm Mediterranean climate, with mild, moderately wet winters and dry, warm summers.

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21. Cape Town was home to many leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.

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22. In 2014, Cape Town was named the best place in the world to visit by both The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph.

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23. Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa, colloquially named the Mother City.

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24. Cape Town is undoubtedly one of South Africa's most amazing cities.

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