24 Facts About Cognizant


Cognizant is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company.

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Cognizant had a period of fast growth during the 2000s and became a Fortune 500 company in 2011; as of 2021, it is ranked 185.

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Cognizant raised $34 million, less than what the IMS Health underwriters had hoped.

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Cognizant experienced a period of fast growth during the 2000s, as reflected by its appearance in Fortune magazine's "100 Fastest-Growing Companies" list for ten consecutive years from 2003 to 2012.

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In September 2014, Cognizant struck its biggest deal, acquiring healthcare IT services provider TriZetto Corp for $2.

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In January 2022, Cognizant sold its acquisition Oy Samlink to Kyndryl and Mustache to DJE Holdings.

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Cognizant has a number of offshore development centers outside the United States and near-shore centers in the US, Europe and South America.

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On 20 Jan, 1994 Cognizant registered its branch in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India with the legal name Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited.

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Cognizant has local, regional, and global delivery centers in the UK, Australia, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, China, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico etc.

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Cognizant is among the largest recruiters of MBAs in the industry; they are involved in business development and business analysis for IT services projects.

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Cognizant was listed on NASDAQ in 1998, and added to the NASDAQ-100 Index in 2004.

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Cognizant has a grassroots corporate social responsibility project called Outreach, for which Cognizant's employees volunteer to support schools and orphanages.

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In February 2021, Cognizant signed a sponsorship deal with the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour to become a Global Partner of the Presidents Cup and a title partner of the LPGA Tour's Founders Cup.

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In March 2019, significant publicity was raised because Cognizant repetitively violated the directives of the Registrar of Companies.

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In 2017, eight employees filed petitions with the labor department, complaining Cognizant forced them to resign as part of a performance-based review.

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In 2016, Cognizant announced that it was cooperating with US authorities in an investigation related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and carrying out its own probe to determine whether some payments made in India breached the law.

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Cognizant said President Gordon Coburn had resigned and would be replaced by Rajeev Mehta.

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Cognizant had been mandated by Crawford to implement People Soft Financials software as part of an ERP project called Project Atlas that it was critical to Crawford's operations.

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Cognizant leads the ranks of companies receiving H-1B visas from the United States.

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In February 2011, Cognizant said it had 60 full-time recruiters actively hiring in the US.

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The lawsuit claimed that Cognizant did not provide quality assurance analysts the full value of their overtime pay.

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Cognizant employees tasked with content moderation for Facebook developed mental health issues, including posttraumatic stress disorder, as a result of exposure to graphic violence, hate speech, and conspiracy theories in the videos they were instructed to evaluate.

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Moderators were required to sign non-disclosure agreements with Cognizant to obtain the job, although three former workers broke the agreements to provide information to The Verge.

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On October 30,2019, Cognizant announced that it would phase out a portion of its content moderation contracts in 2020.

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