19 Facts About Deutsche Telekom


Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1995 when Deutsche Bundespost was privatized.

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Since then, Deutsche Telekom has featured among Fortune 500 companies, with its latest ranking at number 62.

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Deutsche Telekom operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brand T-Mobile.

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Deutsche Telekom is a component of the EURO STOXX 50 stock market index.

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Deutsche Telekom Bundespost was the federal German government postal administration created in 1947 as a successor to the Reichspost.

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Deutsche Telekom was the monopoly Internet service provider for Germany until its privatization in 1995, and the dominant ISP thereafter.

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Until the early 21st century, Deutsche Telekom controlled almost all Internet access by individuals and small businesses in Germany, as they were one of the first German telecom units.

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On 6 December 2001, Deutsche Telekom became the first official partner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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In September 2010, Orange parent France Telecom and T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom merged their operations in the United Kingdom to create the largest mobile network in Britain, EE.

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In February 2014, Deutsche Telekom acquired the remaining parts of its T-Mobile Czech Republic division for around €800 million.

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In September 2015, Deutsche Telekom launched the "Puls tablet", a Tablet computer with Android version 5.

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In February 2016, at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom jointly launched the Telecom Infra Project with Intel, Nokia, Facebook, Equinix, SK Telecom, and others, which builds on the Open Compute Project model to accelerate innovation in the telecom industry.

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In February 2020, Deutsche Telekom joined a new partnership called HAPS Alliance to promote the use of high altitude vehicles in the Earth's stratosphere with the goal of eliminating the digital divide.

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Deutsche Telekom's shares traded at over €14 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US$68.

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Deutsche Telekom holds substantial shares in other telecom companies, including Central European subsidiaries Slovak Telekom, Magyar Telekom (Hungary).

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Together with Inmarsat and Nokia, Deutsche Telekom develops a hybrid network for faster internet access on board the planes in Europe.

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In November 2019, Deutsche Telekom was part of a controversy when word came out it had sued Lemonade Insurance, a New York-based company, for their use of the color magenta.

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Deutsche Telekom argued that the use of the color magenta by Lemonade Insurance violated one of their trademarks.

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Amid concerns over Chinese involvement in 5G wireless networks in Europe, Deutsche Telekom temporarily put all deals to buy 5G network equipment on hold in 2019, as it awaited the resolution of a debate in Germany over whether to ban Chinese vendor Huawei on security grounds.

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