8 Facts About Fox News Channel

1. Fox News Channel was created by Australian born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch and former Republican political consultant Roger Ailes is the founding CEO.

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2. Around this time Fox News Channel dropped its "fair and balanced" slogan to mark its transition to a post-Ailes era; the tagline was replaced by "most watched, most trusted.

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3. Fox News Channel has not increased its median evening viewership since 2009.

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4. Fox News Channel surpassed then-leader CNN in prime-time viewership in 2002, and has never looked back.

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5. Fox News Channel initially planned to launch a joint venture with Canwest's Global Television Network, tentatively named Fox News Canada, which would have featured a mixture of US and Canadian news programming.

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6. Fox News Channel feed is available internationally via a number of providers, while Fox Extra segments provide alternate programming.

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7. Fox News Channel originally used the slogan "Fair and Balanced", which was coined by network co-founder Roger Ailes while the network was being established.

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8. Fox News Channel began broadcasting in the 720p resolution format on May 1, 2008.

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