29 Facts About John Anderson

1. John Anderson was not transferring by choice – he was removed after a disciplinary investigation.

2. John Anderson was the uncredited voice of Mark Twain in the Epcot attraction The American Adventure.

3. John Anderson appeared opposite Joan Crawford, cast in the lead role as Stella Faring.

4. John Anderson was known as an accomplished character actor, including for his recurring role in MacGyver as Harry Jackson, MacGyver's grandfather.

5. John Anderson earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri.

6. John Anderson gained a journalism level from the University or college of Missouri.

7. John Anderson was a high school classmate of Canadian publisher Conrad Black.

8. John Anderson wrote columns for The National Post, The Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail, among other prominent publications.

9. John Anderson opposed the requirement for registration for the military draft, which Jimmy Carter had reinstated.

10. John Anderson supported a tax on gasoline to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

11. John Anderson opposed Ronald Reagan's proposal to cut taxes broadly, which he feared would increase the national debt and the inflation rate.

12. John Anderson won election to the House of Representatives in 1960 in a strongly Republican district.

13. John Anderson lived with his sister, arriving unannounced, when he moved to Nashville.

14. John Anderson played well in the second set and I let him off on a few doubles.

15. John Anderson starts his campaign by taking on Kevin Burness on Friday night but Mardle thinks the Scot is beatable.

16. John Anderson is a 56-year-old English television and radio presenter, film critic, actor and comedian.

17. John Anderson is an actor and has starred in movies, including the Oscar-winning movie La La Land.

18. John Anderson was born and raised in Quincy and Adams County in western Illinois.

19. John Anderson was born in Scotland on 8th July 1882, in Eskbank, and he studied mathematics and geology at the University of Edinburgh.

20. John Anderson was born on February 15, 1922 in Rockford, Illinois to a Swedish-American family.

21. John Anderson carried Chicago and Rockford, the state's two largest cities at the time, but he lost in the more conservative southern section of the state.

22. John Anderson built state campaigns in four targeted states—New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

23. John Anderson joined the Republican primary for Allen's 16th District seat—the real contest in this then-solidly Republican district—with four other contenders.

24. John Anderson was admitted to the Illinois bar the same year, and practiced law in Rockford.

25. John Anderson entered the 1980 Republican presidential primaries, introducing his signature campaign proposal of raising the gas tax while cutting social security taxes.

26. John Anderson began as a regular television actor during that medium's formative years.

27. John Anderson won three legs in a row to take the opening set against Burness, who beat Paul Nicholson in the day's afternoon session.

28. John Anderson retired from the 50-over format at the 2015 World Cup, when England were unable to progress beyond the group stage.

29. John Anderson helped lead his team to the Final Four in 1992.