29 Facts About Nicolas Maduro

1. Nicolas Maduro was appointed to a number of positions under President Hugo Chavez, serving as President of the National Assembly from 2005 to 2006, as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2013 and as the vice president from 2012 to 2013 under Chavez.

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2. On 20 May 2018, Presidential elections were called; President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in on 10 January 2019, and the president of the National Assembly, Guaido, was declared interim president on 23 January 2019 by the legislative body.

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3. Nicolas Maduro was born into a leftist family and "militant dreamer of the Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo".

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4. Nicolas Maduro was raised in Calle 14, a street in Los Jardines, El Valle, a working-class neighborhood on the western outskirts of Caracas.

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5. Nicolas Maduro stated in a 2013 interview that "my grandparents were Jewish, from a Sephardic Moorish background, and converted to Catholicism in Venezuela".

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6. Nicolas Maduro is a fan of John Lennon's music and his campaigns for peace and love.

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7. Nicolas Maduro found employment as a bus driver for many years for the Caracas Metro company.

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8. Nicolas Maduro began his political career in the 1980s, by becoming an unofficial trade unionist representing the bus drivers of the Caracas Metro system.

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9. Nicolas Maduro was employed as a bodyguard for Jose Vicente Rangel during Rangel's unsuccessful 1983 presidential campaign.

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10. At 24 years of age, Nicolas Maduro resided in Havana with other militants of leftist organizations in South America who had moved to Cuba in 1986, attending a one-year course at the Escuela Nacional de Cuadros Julio Antonio Mella, a centre of political education directed by the Union of Young Communists.

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11. Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke denied that Nicolas Maduro was mistreated, saying that there was not evidence of abnormalities during the screening process.

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12. Nicolas Maduro is one of the young leaders with the greatest ability to continue, if I cannot.

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13. Nicolas Maduro appointed Jorge Arreaza to take his place as vice president.

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14. Nicolas Maduro was unanimously chosen as the Socialist Party's candidate in the election.

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15. On 4 August 2018, at least two drones armed with explosives detonated in the area where Nicolas Maduro was delivering an address to military officers in Venezuela.

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16. Porras said in 2019 that Nicolas Maduro "delivered practically nothing in terms of public policy, in terms of direction" during his first term because, in Porras' opinion, "he does not have a clear vision for the country.

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17. Nicolas Maduro is very much focused on consolidating his power among his own peers in Chavismo and much less on exercising or implementing a strategic vision for the country.

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18. The National Assembly invoked a state of emergency, and some nations removed their embassies from Venezuela, with Colombia, and the United States saying Nicolas Maduro was converting Venezuela into a de facto dictatorship.

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19. Nicolas Maduro disputed Guaido's claim and broke off diplomatic ties with several nations who recognized Guaido's claim.

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20. In June 2013, two months after assuming the presidency, Nicolas Maduro claimed in a press conference in Rome that he was born in Caracas, in Los Chaguaramos, in San Pedro Parish.

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21. The 62 petitioners, including former ambassador Diego Arria, businessman Marcel Granier and opposition former military, assuring that according to the Colombian constitution Nicolas Maduro is "Colombian by birth" for being "the son of a Colombian mother and for having resided" in the neighboring country "during his childhood".

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22. Marquez has declared that Nicolas Maduro "was born in Bogota, according to the verbal testimonies of people who knew him as a child in Colombia and the documentary research we did" and what "there are more than 10 witnesses that corroborate this information, five of them live in Bogota".

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23. On 28 October 2016, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice issued a ruling stating that according to "incontrovertible" proofs it has "absolute certainty" that Nicolas Maduro was born in Caracas, in the parish of La Candelaria, known then as the Libertador Department of the Federal District, on 23 November 1962.

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24. On 12 January 2016, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, threatened to invoke the Inter-American Democratic Charter, an instrument used to defend democracy in the Americas when threatened, when opposition National Assembly member were barred from taking their seats by the Nicolas Maduro-aligned Supreme Court.

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25. In March 2019 The Wall Street Journal reported in an article entitled "Nicolas Maduro loses grip on Venezuela's poor, a vital source of his power" that barrios are turning against Nicolas Maduro and that "many blame government brutality for the shift".

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26. In September 2018, Nicolas Maduro ate at a Nusret Gokce's, a luxurious Istanbul restaurant.

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27. Nicolas Maduro was sentenced to 18 years and 3 months in prison on 15 August 2018 by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela in exile, with the exiled high court stating "there is enough evidence to establish the guilt.

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28. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin stating "Nicolas Maduro is a dictator who disregards the will of the Venezuelan people".

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29. Nicolas Maduro fired back at the sanctions during his victory speech saying "I don't obey imperial orders.

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