43 Facts About Reebok


Reebok International Limited is an American fitness footwear and clothing manufacturer that is a part of Authentic Brands Group.

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Reebok began distributing its shoes across the United Kingdom, which were worn by British athletes.

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In 1958, in Bolton, two of the founder's grandsons, Jeff and Joe Foster, formed a companion company "Reebok", having found the name in a dictionary won in a sprint race by Joe as a boy.

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In 1982, Reebok debuted the Reebok Freestyle aerobics shoe, the first athletic shoe designed for women.

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Fireman bought the English-based parent company in 1984, and the following year Reebok had its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RBK.

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In 1986, Reebok switched its logo from the Union Jack it had since its founding, to the vector logo—an abstract Union Flag streak across a race track—which mirrored the design of the side flashes of its shoes.

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One of the company's most iconic technologies, the Reebok Pump, debuted in 1989 with more than 100 professional athletes wearing the footwear by 1992, including Shaquille O'Neal.

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Reebok worked with fitness professional Gin Miller in the late 1980s to develop Step Reebok, based on Miller's wooden prototype step and her ideas for step aerobics.

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Reebok named Carl Yankowski president and chief executive officer of the brand in 1998, replacing former president Robert Meers.

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Reebok signed Venus Williams after she won singles titles at Wimbledon and the 2000 Summer Olympics.

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In December 2000, Reebok signed a 10-year licensing agreement with the NFL for the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell NFL licensed merchandise, including uniforms and footwear, for all 32 teams.

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Reebok became the official uniform and apparel provider for the Canadian Football League in 2004.

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Also in 2001, Reebok hired the Arnell Group with Peter Arnell as their lead marketing agency.

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Reebok acquired official National Hockey League sponsor CCM in 2004.

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Reebok began manufacturing ice hockey equipment under the CCM and Reebok brands.

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Reebok phased out the CCM name on NHL authentic and replica jerseys, using the Reebok logo since 2005.

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Reebok moved most of its hockey equipment lines to CCM after 2015.

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Reebok named Paul Harrington president and CEO of the company in January 2006, replacing Paul Fireman who was acting president since 2004.

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In 2010, Reebok announced a partnership with CrossFit, a fitness company and competitive fitness sport, including sponsoring the CrossFit Games, opening CrossFit studios, and introducing a line of co-branded footwear and apparel for Fall 2011.

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In 2011, Reebok debuted the CrossFit delta symbol on the brand's fitness apparel line.

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In 2013, Reebok announced another fitness partnership with Les Mills International.

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Reebok has additional regional offices in Panama City, Shanghai, Singapore, Taikoo Shing, and Toronto.

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Reebok first entered the South Korean market in 1987 and has since been making substantial revenue in South Korea.

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Reebok has released numerous notable styles of footwear including the 1982 introduction of the Reebok Freestyle that was manufactured and marketed for women.

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In 1996, Reebok signed a $50 million endorsement deal with Allen Iverson when he signed with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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The Reebok Nano was released in 2011 and is the first official CrossFit shoe.

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Reebok has partnered with Les Mills and CrossFit to produce more fitness apparel, footwear, and workouts.

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Reebok released the Z-Series foam, a combination of dense midsole and outsole so the foam is cushioned but not worn-down.

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Reebok sponsored kits for top seeded Indian Football clubs, Mohun Bagan AC and East Bengal FC .

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In rugby union, Reebok sponsored the Wales national team until late 2008, who won the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Championship in that year, and the Tasman Makos in New Zealand's domestic competition, the Air New Zealand Cup.

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In 2004, Reebok entered into a deal that allows them the rights to manufacture Canadian Football League onfield jerseys, sideline gear and footwear; this deal ended in 2015.

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In Mexico, Reebok was kit provider of Chivas de Guadalajara before the team was taken over by parent company Adidas in 2011.

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Reebok shoes were featured as product placement advertising on the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare in the 1980s.

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Reebok hired filmmaker Errol Morris to produce a series of 30-second commercials that aired during the 2006 NFL season.

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Reebok signed a four-year deal to become the official shoe supplier to Major League Baseball in 2004; Reebok was given the rights to be the official uniform and apparel provider of the Canadian Football League that same year; this alliance lasted until 2015.

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Reebok held the rights to produce the on-ice "EDGE" Uniform System, performance clothing and training footwear of the National Hockey League in a 10-year agreement from 2007 to 2017.

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In 2005, Reebok signed an exclusive agreement to design and supply all eight team home and away strips for the new Australian A-League competition.

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Reebok was the uniform provider for Brazilian clubs Cruzeiro, Vasco, Internacional and Sao Paulo FC, Argentinian clubs San Martin de Los Andes, Paraguayan club General Diaz and Uruguayan club Penarol.

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Later, Reebok made a deal with rapper 50 Cent to release a line of G-Unit sneakers, and artists such as Nelly and Miri Ben-Ari have become spokespersons for the company.

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Reebok signed Scarlett Johansson and introduced her own line of clothing and footwear called Scarlett Hearts, part of the Rbk Lifestyle Collection.

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Reebok produces shoes for Emporio Armani under the label EA7.

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In January 2021, Reebok released a collection of shoes based on the DreamWorks Animation franchise Kung Fu Panda.

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Reebok Foundation operates the "Build Our Kids' Success" program to provide US schoolchildren with physical activities before the school day.

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