32 Facts About Ron Killings


Ronnie Aaron Killings was born on January 19,1972 and is an American professional wrestler and rapper.

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Ron Killings is currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand under the ring name R-Truth.

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Ron Killings formed 3 Live Kru with BG James and Konnan and the trio held the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice.

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Ron Killings established Team Pacman with football player Adam Jones and won the TNA World Tag Team Championship before leaving TNA in late 2007.

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Ron Killings returned to WWE in 2008 and was rebranded as R-Truth.

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Ronnie Aaron Killings was born on January 19,1972, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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From a young age, Ron Killings had developed a love for hip hop and breakdancing and attended Harding University High School where he competed in football alongside future MLB second baseman Ray Durham.

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Ron Killings competed in track and field, and was talented at both sports, receiving various college scholarships, but turned them down to further pursue a career in music.

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Ron Killings graduated high school at 18, but he continued dealing drugs in order to help his music career financially and was arrested four different times, spending small amounts of time in jail before eventually spending 13 months incarcerated.

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Ron Killings spoke in an interview with Lilian Garcia that after this incident, he was finished with that lifestyle.

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Ron Killings spent two years working on his music career and then contacted Crockett once more and expressed an interest in becoming a wrestler.

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Ron Killings debuted in the Pro Wrestling Federation in 1997 as a manager, then spent three years traveling and training with Manny Fernandez.

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At the urging of Rick Michaels, Ron Killings sent a promotional videotape to the World Wrestling Federation.

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Ron Killings was signed to a two-year developmental contract in 1999 and under the ring name K-Kwik was assigned to Memphis Championship Wrestling, a WWF developmental territory.

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Ron Killings debuted on the November 13,2000 episode of Raw is War, attacking William Regal during a match against Road Dogg.

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Ron Killings took part in the 2001 Royal Rumble, but was eliminated by Big Show.

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Ron Killings defeated Raven for the title a second time on the following night, but he lost the title to Holly within the space of several hours.

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Ron Killings signed with the Nashville, Tennessee-based Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion in June 2002, and appeared on the first weekly TNA pay-per-view on June 19 as K-Krush.

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Ron Killings immediately established himself as a heel by harassing NASCAR drivers Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler until he was attacked by Brian Lawler.

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The following week, Ron Killings lost to Christopher after Marlin and Sadler interfered in their match.

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The decision was overturned after Ron Killings continued to attack Sadler after he had been awarded the match.

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Ron Killings then stated that he was to be referred to as "The Truth".

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Ron Killings won the bout, becoming a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, after Jarrett hit Styles with a guitar.

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Ron Killings then attempted to celebrate with Killings, who appeared shocked by Konnan's actions.

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Ron Killings then teamed with Lance Hoyt in the following months, even participating, but losing, in a Battle Royal at No Surrender.

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Ron Killings then took time off the active roster due to injury.

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Ron Killings returned to action at Slammiversary, teaming with James Storm in a losing effort against Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn.

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At No Surrender, Adam "Pacman" Jones and Ron Killings defeated Sting and Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

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In 2008, Ron Killings re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the World Wrestling Federation, and re-debuted on the SmackDown brand under the ring name R-Truth on August 29, as a face, defeating Kenny Dykstra.

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Ron Killings began a feud with Ted DiBiase after DiBiase offered him a job as his personal assistant, which R-Truth declined with a slap.

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Ron Killings invoked his rematch clause at Fatal 4-Way, but was unsuccessful.

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Ron Killings returned on the February 18,2013 episode of Raw, saving Kofi Kingston from Damien Sandow.

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