32 Facts About Ted DiBiase

1. In late 2008, Ted DiBiase began filming the movie The Marine 2, in which he plays the main character, Joe Linwood.

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2. Ted DiBiase made his first wrestling appearance since leaving WWE on October 12, 2013, in the opening round of Family Wrestling Entertainment's Grand Prix tournament, defeating Colt Cabana.

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3. Ted DiBiase left WWE in 2013 due to family commitments and other business pursuits.

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4. Part of the Ted DiBiase wrestling family, he was trained by Chris Youngblood and Harley Race's Wrestling Academy and debuted in 2006.

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5. On January 22, 2018, Ted DiBiase made an appearance during the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw in which he played Poker with The Acolytes Protection Agency.

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6. Ted DiBiase managed James Shaw and The Million Dollar Team to the ring, and attacked Daniel Burnell with a poke in the eye and The Million Dollar Dream.

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7. Ted DiBiase was the guest general manager for New Zealand wrestling promotion, Impact Pro Wrestling.

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8. On February 21, 2011, it was announced Ted DiBiase would induct Jim Duggan into the Hall of Fame.

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9. Ted DiBiase came down to ringside and offered Schyster a bribe to eliminate himself.

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10. Ted DiBiase made his first in ring appearance in over five years at the Raw 15th Anniversary Special on December 10, 2007, by winning a 15-man battle royal, in which he was not even an active participant.

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11. Ted DiBiase appeared at the Raw Family Reunion on October 9, 2006 aiding Ric Flair in his match with the Spirit Squad.

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12. Ted DiBiase made an appearance at an IPW show in Newton, Iowa on July 14, 2006, where he watched his sons' tag team match.

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13. Ted DiBiase accepted the job and worked as part of the creative team a year and a half.

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14. Ted DiBiase managed one-time WWF rival Ray Traylor for a while until he stopped managing altogether.

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15. Ted DiBiase managed The Steiners until Scott turned heel and joined the nWo.

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16. Ted DiBiase was the spokesperson for the NWO for 3 months until Eric Bischoff joined the NWO and replaced him in that role.

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17. Ted DiBiase had a place in the main event of WrestleMania XI as the manager of Bam Bam Bigelow in his match versus Lawrence Taylor.

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18. Ted DiBiase revealed in a shoot interview that his decision to leave the WWF at this point was motivated by a desire to resolve his marital problems.

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19. Ted DiBiase faced Beefcake on one of the first episodes of Monday Night Raw.

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20. Ted DiBiase lost the Million Dollar Championship to Virgil at SummerSlam when Virgil smashed his head into an exposed turnbuckle and pinned him to get the victory.

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21. Ted DiBiase eliminated two opponents before he was eliminated by The Ultimate Warrior.

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22. Ted DiBiase lost the match when he accidentally hit Zeus and was pinned by Hogan with a small package.

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23. Ted DiBiase put Roberts out of action for several months with a neck injury.

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24. Ted DiBiase had a bodyguard by the name of Virgil, who was by his side during his matches and vignettes.

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25. Ted DiBiase went on to lose two additional house show confrontations to The Gang.

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26. Ted DiBiase made his return to the WWF as a babyface on May 15, 1987 at a house show in Houston, Texas.

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27. Ted DiBiase held various championships and made frequent trips to All Japan Pro Wrestling until his eventual departure from Mid-South Wrestling.

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28. Ted DiBiase turned heel against the Junkyard Dog and formed a group called The Rat Pack with Jim Duggan and Matt Borne, ran Mid-south for months.

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29. Ted DiBiase spent time in the Georgia area where he had an early face run.

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30. Ted DiBiase was awarded the short-lived North American Championship, becoming the title's first champion.

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31. Ted DiBiase made his professional wrestling debut as a referee in June 1974 in the Amarillo territory owned by the Funks.

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32. Ted DiBiase achieved championship success in a number of wrestling promotions, holding thirty titles during his professional wrestling career.

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