19 Facts About Volvo Trucks


Volvo Trucks is a truck manufacturing division of Volvo based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The Volvo Group was reorganised on 1 January 2012 and as a part of the process, Volvo Trucks ceased to be a separate company and was instead incorporated into Volvo Group Trucks along Volvo's other truck operations, as Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks.

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When Volvo Trucks manufactured its first automobiles in 1927, the first truck was already on the drawing table.

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Volvo Trucks cabs are manufactured in the north of Sweden in Umea and in Ghent, Belgium, while the engines are made in the central town of Skovde.

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In 1981, AB Volvo acquired the assets of White Trucks, forming Volvo White Truck Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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In 1986, Volvo commenced sales of trucks under its own brand in North America, introducing the FE-series low-cab COEs.

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In 1995, Volvo Trucks GM ended the use of the WhiteGMC name, with all non-Autocar models adopting the Volvo Trucks name.

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On 25 April 2000, AB Volvo acquired Renault Vehicules Industriels through a merger, making it the owner of Mack Trucks.

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In 2007, Volvo Trucks re-entered the segment through its purchase of UD Nissan Diesel.

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In 2000, Volvo Trucks introduced the VHD severe-service conventional, largely as a replacement for Autocar conventional vehicles.

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Today, Volvo produces Class 8 Volvo trucks at its Dublin, Virginia plant and Class 8 Mack truck models in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

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Affiliate Volvo Trucks Powertrain produces engines and transmissions at its Hagerstown, Maryland, facility, for use exclusively in the North American market.

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On 20 June 2022, Volvo announced that "in the second part of this decade" it would begin making trucks using hydrogen fuel cells with a range of 600 miles, compared to 275 miles for the existing VNR trucks.

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AB Volvo Trucks struck a deal in August 2021 to buy a heavy duty truck subsidiary of Jiangling Motors Corp for about $125.

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Volvo Trucks are exported to and sold by more than 1800 dealers in more than 75 countries.

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Volvo Trucks tried to settle in Argentina on two different occasions: the first, in 1959 would be carried out in partnership with the local company Conarg.

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Volvo Trucks is currently focusing on such alternative fuels such as HVO, DME, LNG and methane.

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In Formula One, Volvo Trucks sponsored the British team McLaren from the 2016 to the 2021 seasons.

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Volvo Trucks has released the Live Test series of commercials, which included The Epic Split.

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