8 Facts About Bakersfield California

1. Bakersfield California is a significant hub for both agriculture and energy production.

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2. Industries in and around Bakersfield California include natural gas and other energy extraction, mining, petroleum refining, distribution, food processing, and corporate regional offices.

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3. In 1873, Bakersfield California was officially incorporated as a city, and by 1874, it officially replaced the town of Havilah as the county seat.

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4. Migration from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Southern Bakersfield California brought new residents, who were mostly employed by the oil industry.

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5. In 1990, Bakersfield California was one of 10 US communities to receive the All-America City Award from the National Civic League.

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6. Kern County Museum, located on Chester Avenue just north of downtown Bakersfield California holds a collection of regional artifacts.

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7. City Manager of Bakersfield California is the appointed head of the executive branch.

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8. Freight, Bakersfield California is served directly by two class-1 railroads, Union Pacific, and BNSF.

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