11 Facts About Callao


Callao is a seaside city and region on the Pacific Ocean in the Lima metropolitan area.

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Callao is Peru's chief seaport and home to its main airport, Jorge Chavez International Airport.

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El Callao was founded by Spanish colonists in 1537, just two years after Lima .

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At the height of the Viceroyalty, virtually all goods produced in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina were carried over the Andes by mule to Callao, to be shipped to Panama, carried overland, and then transported on to Spain via Cuba.

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The port of Callao was a node in the Manila Galleon route connecting Latin-America and Asia through Acapulco, Mexico and Manila, Philippines.

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Callao was never part of the Lima Department nor of any other departments.

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Callao is built on and around a peninsula, the district of La Punta, a wealthy residential neighborhood.

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Callao has several islands: San Lorenzo, El Fronton, the Cavinzas Islands, and the Palomino Islands, where numerous sea lions and sea birds live in a virtually untouched ecosystem.

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Regional matters are handled by the Regional Government of Callao, which is located in front of the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

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Rest of Callao Region is composed of the islands of San Lorenzo, El Fronton, Cavinzas and Palomino, which all together have an area of 17.

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Callao is the port city now fully integrated with Lima, the nation's capital.

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