15 Facts About Dominion Energy

1. In January 2018, Dominion Energy announced that it would be acquiring SCANA Corporation; the acquisition was completed in January 2019.

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2. Dominion Energy has to ask permission from regulators when it wants to raise prices.

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3. Dominion Energy celebrated its 100th anniversary of providing electric service to the citizens of Virginia.

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4. Dominion Energy contested, saying that the line would bring needed electricity to growing Northern Virginia.

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5. Dominion Energy is a stakeholder in a joint venture planning to build the 600 miles Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that will run between West Virginia and North Carolina and is planned to be in service in late 2019.

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6. Dominion Energy is a regulated electric utility that transmits, and distributes electricity from its power plants in Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, and West Virginia to customers.

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7. Dominion Energy generates electricity for both regulated sale in its Virginia and North Carolina markets, and for wholesale in other markets in the Northeast and Midwest United States.

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8. Dominion Energy re-branded all of its operations in 2000 to Dominion from Virginia and North Carolina Power as well as Consolidated Gas in order to create a more unified energy company.

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9. In 1986, Dominion Energy gained territory by expanding in Northern Virginia after purchasing the Virginia distribution territory of Potomac Electric Power Company.

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10. Over the years, the way Dominion Energy has used STATCOM has evolved as the company gained experience with the technology.

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11. Dominion Energy currently has solar energy services in nine states.

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12. In the Optima KV energy model, Duke Dominion Energy buys the natural gas for generating electricity at its power plants under a 15-year contract with Optima KV.

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13. Dominion Energy shared two bits of big news yesterday during their third quarter 2018 update.

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14. Dominion Energy updated its fourth quarter earnings guidance on Thursday.

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15. Dominion Energy came out with quarterly earnings of $1.15 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.11 per share.

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