30 Facts About Evgeni Malkin

1. Evgeni Malkin played all six games for Russia as they finished fifth in the tournament after losing to Finland in the quarter-finals.

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2. Evgeni Malkin had two hat-tricks, against Sweden in the preliminary round and against Finland in the semi-final.

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3. Evgeni Malkin recorded at least one point in every game played.

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4. Evgeni Malkin played in the first line of team Russia together with Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Frolov.

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5. Evgeni Malkin was named the top forward and MVP of the 2006 World Junior Championships in January, captaining Russia to a second straight silver medal and gold medal game loss to Canada.

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6. Evgeni Malkin helped Russia to a bronze medal, scoring nine points in six games.

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7. Evgeni Malkin has a strong arsenal of shots, and has remarkable stick-handling ability.

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8. Evgeni Malkin is primarily a centre with very good offensive abilities and decent defensive awareness.

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9. Evgeni Malkin became the 29th player in the history of the NHL to record 150 points in the playoffs.

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10. Evgeni Malkin led the 2017 playoffs with 28 points, edging Crosby by one point.

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11. Evgeni Malkin became the first player in the past ten NHL seasons to win two scoring titles, putting an end to a streak of nine different players over nine seasons leading the NHL in points.

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12. Evgeni Malkin is just the second player in franchise history to win both the Art Ross and Conn Smythe trophies in the same year.

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13. Evgeni Malkin received the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP, becoming the first Russian-born and Asian-born player to do so.

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14. Evgeni Malkin tallied 36 points to become the first player to lead both the regular season and playoffs in scoring since Mario Lemieux accomplished the feat in 1992.

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15. In 2009, Evgeni Malkin had 12 first-place votes and 787 points to Ovechkin's 115 first-place votes and 1,264 points.

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16. Evgeni Malkin scored three points against the Detroit Red Wings in the finals, totaling 22 points overall, but the Penguins were defeated by Detroit in six games.

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17. Evgeni Malkin continued to dominate into the Stanley Cup playoffs as the Penguins made it to the 2008 Stanley Cup Final.

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18. In total, Evgeni Malkin completed the season second in NHL scoring with 106 points, six points behind Alexander Ovechkin for the Art Ross Trophy.

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19. Evgeni Malkin set a modern NHL record when he scored a goal in each of his first six games.

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20. Evgeni Malkin made his international debut for Russia during the 2003 U-18 World Championships, where he skated on the top line with Alexander Ovechkin.

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21. Evgeni Malkin is a product of the Metallurg Magnitogorsk hockey program.

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22. In November 2017, Evgeni Malkin announced his membership of the PutinTeam social movement, launched by compatriot and fellow NHLer Alexander Ovechkin in support of President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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23. Evgeni Malkin became engaged to Russian television personality Anna Kasterova in November 2015.

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24. Evgeni Malkin owns a restaurant in Magnitogorsk which is designed to look like the inside of a prison.

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25. Evgeni Malkin has one brother, Denis, who is older by one year.

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26. Evgeni Malkin was born on 31 July 1986 in Magnitogorsk to Vladimir and Natalia Malkin.

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27. In 2012, Evgeni Malkin was awarded the Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award, awarded to the best player as voted on by the players, after winning the Art Ross Trophy for the second time; his 12-point lead was the largest margin of victory since 1999.

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28. Evgeni Malkin was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as most valuable player of the playoffs.

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29. Evgeni Malkin was then selected second overall in the 2004 NHL Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins, though an international transfer dispute delayed the start of his NHL career until 2006.

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30. Evgeni Malkin began his career with his hometown club Metallurg Magnitogorsk, playing for their junior and senior teams.

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