28 Facts About Hawkeye Pierce

1. At this point, Hawkeye Pierce does not have much money in the bank, is 31 years old, and has three children: Billy, Stephen and Karen.

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2. Hawkeye Pierce is referred to in one episode, perhaps jokingly, as Fred.

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3. Hawkeye Pierce once mentioned to Father Mulcahy that he sets aside three dollars from each salary payment for the local orphanage.

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4. Hawkeye Pierce has appeared in more episodes than any recurring character except Nurse Kellye.

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5. Hawkeye Pierce is drafted into the South Korean army, subsequently wounded and sent back to the 4077th for treatment.

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6. Hawkeye Pierce is portrayed by Dennis Fimple, who plays him with a noticeable US-Southern accent.

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7. Hawkeye Pierce makes his first appearance in the Season 2 episode, "For Want of a Boot", and his final appearance in the Season 8 episode, "Good-Bye Radar".

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8. Hawkeye Pierce is responsible for repairing the juke box in the officers' club after the Marines bust it up.

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9. Hawkeye Pierce was not promoted, but made it clear that he was American "with an American wife and American son.

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10. Hawkeye Pierce was known for his slow, deep, Louisiana drawl and his slightly disheveled look.

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11. Hawkeye Pierce began as a significant supporting member of the cast, often engaged in poker games with Hawkeye and Trapper, but by the end of the season he was rarely seen outside brief OR.

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12. Hawkeye Pierce is a board-certified neurosurgeon in the film, and in the episode in which Hawkeye becomes chief surgeon, Spearchucker's specialty is indicated as he struggles to do other types of surgery and when he asks Hawkeye for help, he says, "Anything outside the skull, I'm dead".

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13. Hawkeye Pierce visited the camp to do a psychiatric evaluation of Klinger, who was aiming for a Section 8 discharge.

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14. Hawkeye Pierce is repeatedly passed over for promotion, but eventually rises to the rank of Captain after Colonel Potter intercedes on his behalf.

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15. Hawkeye Pierce has a sibling Kathy, who is a Catholic nun: he impishly refers to her as "my sister the Sister".

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16. Hawkeye Pierce is bewildered by the doctors' amoral pranks and womanizing behavior.

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17. Hawkeye Pierce is a Roman Catholic priest, and serves as a US Army chaplain assigned to the 4077th.

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18. Hawkeye Pierce has a virginal awkwardness with women, and a fondness for superhero comic books.

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19. Hawkeye Pierce is overly suspicious of Koreans, going as far as to claim that South Koreans are communist infiltrators and hustlers, and is openly racist against Native Americans.

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20. Hawkeye Pierce has his eccentricities, including a love of horses from his cavalry days and an ability to use his Regular Army connections to the unit's advantage.

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21. Hawkeye Pierce lied about his age to enlist at 15, joining the US Army horse cavalry as a private during World War I and subsequently rose to the rank of sergeant.

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22. Hawkeye Pierce is beloved for his down-to-earth, laid-back manner by many under his command, especially Hawkeye and Trapper John, and scorned for it by those who prefer strict military discipline, such as Frank Burns and Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan.

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23. Hawkeye Pierce is devoted to his wife Peg who writes many letters to him while he is in Korea.

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24. Hawkeye Pierce went through his military training at Fort Sam Houston.

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25. Hawkeye Pierce was educated at Stanford University and was a member of the Tau Phi Epsilon fraternity.

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26. Hawkeye Pierce has little tolerance for military red tape and customs, feeling they get in the way of his doing his job, and has little respect for most Regular Army personnel.

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27. Hawkeye Pierce was given the nickname "Hawkeye" by his father, from the character in the novel The Last of the Mohicans, "the only book my old man ever read.

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28. Hawkeye Pierce was born and raised in New England, most often mentioning Crabapple Cove, Maine, with a few references to Vermont.

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