23 Facts About Italian Fascist


Italian Fascist fascism promoted a corporatist economic system whereby employer and employee syndicates are linked together in associations to collectively represent the nation's economic producers and work alongside the state to set national economic policy.

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Italian Fascist fascism is based upon Italian Fascist nationalism and in particular seeks to complete what it considers as the incomplete project of Risorgimento by incorporating Italia Irredenta into the state of Italy.

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Italian Fascist fascism has directly promoted imperialism, such as within the Doctrine of Fascism, ghostwritten by Giovanni Gentile on behalf of Mussolini:.

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The fascist regime produced literature on Nice that justified that Nice was an Italian land based on historic, ethnic and linguistic grounds.

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The fascists quoted Medieval Italian scholar Petrarch who said: "The border of Italy is the Var; consequently Nice is a part of Italy".

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Italian Fascist had been widely used in Malta in the literary, scientific and legal fields and it was one of Malta's official languages until 1937 when its status was abolished by the British as a response to Italy's invasion of Ethiopia.

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Italian Fascist irredentists had claimed that territories on the coast of North Africa were Italy's Fourth Shore and used the historical Roman rule in North Africa as a precedent to justify the incorporation of such territories to Italian Fascist jurisdiction as being a "return" of Italy to North Africa.

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Italian Fascist fascism emphasized that race was bound by spiritual and cultural foundations and identified a racial hierarchy based on spiritual and cultural factors.

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Italian Fascist regime began publication of the racialist magazine La Difesa della Razza in 1938.

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Italian Fascist then claimed that "antisemitism is foreign to the Italian people", but warned Zionists that they should be careful not to stir up antisemitism in "the only country where it has not existed".

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One of the Jewish financial supporters of the fascist movement was Toeplitz, whom Mussolini had earlier accused of being a traitor during World War I Another prominent Jewish Italian fascist was Ettore Ovazza, who was a staunch Italian nationalist and an opponent of Zionism in Italy.

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At the 1934 Montreux Fascist conference chaired by the Italian-led Comitati d'Azione per l'Universalita di Roma that sought to found a Fascist International, the issue of antisemitism was debated amongst various fascist parties, with some more favourable to it and others less favourable.

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Italian Fascist fascism adopted antisemitism in the late 1930s and Mussolini personally returned to invoke antisemitic statements as he had done earlier.

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Italian Fascist was fired from his newspaper and put under 24-hour surveillance, but otherwise not harassed; his employment contract was settled for a lump sum and he was allowed to work for the foreign press.

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Italian Fascist Italy pursued an aggressive campaign to reduce prostitution of young women.

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Years later, and after Mussolini was forced from power by the King in 1943 only to be rescued by German forces, the Italian Social Republic founded by Mussolini and the fascists did incorporate the fasces on the state's war flag, which was a variant of the Italian tricolour national flag.

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In 1929, the Italian Fascist government signed the Lateran Treaty with the Holy See, a concordat between Italy and the Catholic Church that allowed for the creation of a small enclave known as Vatican City as a sovereign state representing the papacy.

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Italian Fascist fascism justified its adoption of antisemitic laws in 1938 by claiming that Italy was fulfilling the Christian religious mandate of the Catholic Church that had been initiated by Pope Innocent III in the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, whereby the Pope issued strict regulation of the life of Jews in Christian lands.

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Doctrine of Fascism by the actualist philosopher Giovanni Gentile is the official formulation of Italian Fascist fascism, published under Benito Mussolini's name in 1933.

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Italian Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly.

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Italian Fascist mysticism emphasized the importance of political myths, which were true not as empirical facts, but as "metareality".

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Consequent to the Treaty of Rapallo, the metropolitan Italian Fascist military deposed the Regency of Duce D'Annunzio on Christmas 1920.

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Italian Fascist then progressed to close associated with Falangism, leading to discarding the Spanish annexation to Italy.

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