21 Facts About UKIP

1. In the European Parliament, UKIP generally sided with other Euroskeptic and anti-immigration parties, including France's National Front and the Dutch Party for Freedom, and its members gained a reputation for making what some saw as outlandish or attention-seeking statements.

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2. In December 2014 UKIP co-founded the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe, a European political party whose membership is composed of several member parties of the EFDD parliamentary group.

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3. In the United Kingdom local elections, 2017, UKIP lost all of the seats it was defending but gained one from Labour on Lancashire County Council.

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4. In the 2016 local election, UKIP won 58 council seats, an increase of 25.

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5. In the 2015 local elections, UKIP took control of Thanet District Council, its first majority control of a council.

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6. At the 2013 and 2014 local elections, UKIP made significant gains to become the fourth largest party in terms of councillors in England, and fifth largest in the UK, with over 300 seats.

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7. In the 2013 local elections, UKIP won 147 seats and established itself as the largest opposition party in six English county councils.

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8. On 24 June 1995, UKIP gained its first member of the House of Lords, The Lord Grantley, who had joined the party in 1993 from the Conservatives and had recently succeeded to his father's titles.

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9. In its early years, UKIP targeted itself toward southern English, middle-class Eurosceptic voters, those who had been supporters of the Conservative Party until John Major's Conservative government signed the Maastricht Treaty.

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10. In 2008, Usherwood noted that UKIP relied heavily on a small number of major financial backers.

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11. Rather than shunning these dangers, UKIP appears to be embracing them; and in the process is losing any claim it once had to be a respectable, mainstream party.

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12. In its 2017 manifesto, UKIP pledged to abolish the existence of sharia courts in the UK and ban the wearing of the niqab and burka in public; it claimed that these were needed to promote the integration of Muslims with wider British society.

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13. In its 2015 campaign, UKIP called for the foreign aid budget to be cut.

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14. In its 2009 electoral manifesto, UKIP proposed a five-year ban on any migrants coming to the UK.

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15. In contrast to involvement in the EU, UKIP has emphasised the UK's global connections, in particularly to member states of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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16. In the 2018 local elections, UKIP lost 124 of the 126 seats it was defending, and gained a single seat in Derby for a net change of minus 123.

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17. On 24 July 2017, UKIP lost its majority on Thanet council when Councillor Beverly Martin defected to the Conservatives, citing personal disagreements with the party's policies in the region.

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18. In the 2017 local elections, UKIP lost all 145 seats it was defending, but gained one on Lancashire County Council.

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19. In the 2015 general election, UKIP secured over 3.8 million votes, replacing the Liberal Democrats as the third most popular party, but only secured one seat, with Carswell retaining his seat and Reckless losing his.

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20. In the 2014 European Parliament elections, UKIP received the greatest number of votes of any British party, producing 24 MEPs.

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21. In the 2014 local elections, UKIP won 163 seats, an increase of 128, but did not take control of any council.

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