25 Facts About Virginia House

1. Virginia House blocks Equal Rights Amendment ratification Virginia ERA, ICE, racism drive up partisan rancor as Va.

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2. The Virginia House shares legislative power with the Senate of Virginia, the upper house of the Virginia General Assembly.

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3. The Virginia House is presided over by the Speaker of the House, who is elected from among the House membership by the Delegates.

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4. The Virginia House adjourned until Thursday without such a move being made.

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5. At the beginning of 2017, Virginia House was one of 19 states under divided government.

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6. In 2016, Virginia House was a closely watched battleground state in the presidential election.

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7. Virginia House has many professional caliber golf courses including the Greg Norman course at Lansdowne Resort and Kingsmill Resort, home of the Kingsmill Championship, an LPGA Tour tournament.

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8. Virginia House is the most populous US state without a major professional sports league franchise.

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9. Up until the 1970s, Virginia House was a racially divided one-party state dominated by the Byrd Organization.

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10. Virginia House has Amtrak passenger rail service along several corridors, and Virginia Railway Express maintains two commuter lines into Washington, DC from Fredericksburg and Manassas.

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11. Virginia House has a mixed health record, and is ranked as the 26th overall healthiest state according to the 2013 United Health Foundation's Health Rankings.

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12. Virginia House has launched many award-winning traditional musical artists and internationally successful popular music acts, as well as Hollywood actors.

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13. Virginia House has the highest defense spending of any state per capita, providing the Commonwealth with around 900,000 jobs.

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14. Virginia House does not have any further political subdivisions, such as villages or townships.

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15. Virginia House voted to secede from the United States on April 17, 1861, after the Battle of Fort Sumter and Abraham Lincoln's call for volunteers.

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16. Virginia House was a focal point in conflicts from the French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the Civil War, to the Cold War and the War on Terrorism.

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17. Virginia House has 30 National Park Service units, such as Great Falls Park and the Appalachian Trail, and one national park, the Shenandoah National Park.

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18. Climate of Virginia House is humid subtropical and becomes increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east.

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19. Virginia House was one of the 13 Colonies in the American Revolution.

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20. Virginia House would have the highest slave population in the country.

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21. Virginia House struggled until colonists began cultivating tobacco—the growth of cash crops around the Chesapeake Bay would define much of America's history, creating economic divides between the North and South and prompting the introduction of African labor to the colonies in 1619.

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22. Virginia House has had a major impact on the course of US history.

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23. Virginia House is in the Tudor architectural style but incorporates a range of designs from other English houses and has modern facilities such as ten baths and central heating.

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24. Virginia House was constructed from the materials of the sixteenth-century Warwick Priory in Warwickshire, England, and shipped over and reassembled, completed several months before the stock market crash of 1929.

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25. Virginia House is a manor house on a hillside overlooking the James River in the Windsor Farms neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, United States.

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