34 Facts About Vladivostok


Vladivostok is the largest city and the administrative centre of Primorsky Krai, Russia.

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Vladivostok is the second-largest city in the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as the Russian Far East, after Khabarovsk.

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Vladivostok is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean, and the chief economic, scientific and cultural center of the Russian Far East, as well as an important tourism centre in Russia.

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In China, Vladivostok is officially known by the transliteration, although the historical Chinese name is still often used in common parlance and outside Mainland China to refer to the city.

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The very name Vladivostok appeared in the middle of 1859, was used in newspaper articles and denoted a bay.

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Vladivostok reminds many of Olga, but only less of her, more comfortable, but warmer and more fun.

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However, Vladivostok was an important staging post for the import of military-technical equipment for troops from allied and neutral countries, as well as raw materials and equipment for industry.

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Vladivostok became the staging point for the Allies' Siberian intervention, a multi-national force including Japan, the United States and China; China sent forces to protect the local Chinese community after appeals from Chinese merchants.

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Vladivostok was not a place of hostilities during the Great Patriotic War, although there was a constant threat of attack from Japan.

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In 1974, Gerald Ford paid an official visit to Vladivostok, to meet with Leonid Brezhnev, becoming the first President of the United States to visit the Soviet Union.

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On 20 September 1991, Boris Yeltsin signed decree No 123 "On the opening of Vladivostok for visiting by foreign citizens", which entered into force on 1 January 1992, ending Vladivostok's status as a closed city.

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Vladivostok is closer to Honolulu, Hawaii, US than to the city of Sochi in Southern Russia.

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Vladivostok has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate with warm, humid and rainy summers and cold, dry winters.

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Since the maritime influence is strong in summer, Vladivostok has a relatively cold annual climate for its latitude.

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Vladivostok receives most of its precipitation during the summer months, and most summer days see some rainfall.

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Vladivostok is regarded as an ethnically diverse city, and remains one of the Russian cities with a large East Asian population.

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However, today Vladivostok lacks the same multinational diversity it had from the 19th century to the Great Patriotic War, when entire ethnic quarters existed, including the Chinese Millionka, the Korean Slobodka, and the Japanese quarter of Nihonzin Mati.

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The Vladivostok dealers sell 250,000 cars a year, with 200,000 going to other parts of Russia.

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Vladivostok is a link between the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Pacific Sea routes, making it an important cargo and passenger port.

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The cargo turnover of the Vladivostok port, including the total turnover of all stevedoring companies, at the end of 2018 amounted to 21.

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Vladivostok is located in the extreme southeast of the Russian Far East, and is the closest city to the countries of the Asia-Pacific with an exotic European culture, which makes it attractive to tourists.

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Vladivostok entered the top ten Russian cities for recreation and tourism according to Forbes, and took the fourteenth place in the National Tourism Rating.

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Vladivostok has a bustling gambling zone, which has over 11 casinos planned to open by 2023.

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Today, Vladivostok serves as the main starting point for the Trans-Siberian portion of the Eurasian Land Bridge.

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Vladivostok Air was flying to Anchorage, Alaska, from July 2008 to 2013, before its transformation into Aurora airline.

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Vladivostok is the starting point of Ussuri Highway to Khabarovsk, the easternmost part of Trans-Siberian Highway that goes all the way to Moscow and Saint Petersburg via Novosibirsk.

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Today, Vladivostok's means of public transportation include trolleybus, bus, tram, train, funicular and ferryboat.

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In 2012, Vladivostok hosted the 24th Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

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Three Vladivostok schools are included in the Top-500 schools of the Russian Federation.

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Vladivostok Rocks is a three-day open-air city festival and international conference for the music industry and contemporary cultural management.

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Musical theater in Vladivostok is represented by the Primorsky Regional Philharmonic Society, the largest concert organization in Primorsky Krai.

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In Soviet times, one of the largest areas for exhibitions in Vladivostok was the exhibition hall of the Primorsky branch of the Union of Artists of Soviet Russia.

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Parks and squares in Vladivostok include Pokrovskiy Park, Minnyy Gorodok, Detskiy Razvlekatelnyy Park, Park of Sergeya Lazo, Admiralskiy Skver, Skver im.

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Local ecologists from the Ecocenter organization have claimed that much of Vladivostok's suburbs are polluted and that living in them can be classified as a health hazard.

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