9 Facts About WeChat

1. In 2017 WeChat partnered with the Singapore marketing agency theAsianIR to sell their platform's features to the international market.

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2. In 2016, WeChat partnered with 60 Italian companies who were able to sell their products and services on the Chinese market without having to get a licence to operate a business in China.

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3. In 2015, WeChat partnered with eBay to together bring the eBay inventory onto WeChat store for buyers in China using Chinese Yuan.

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4. In 2017, WeChat was reported to be developing an augmented reality platform as part of its service offering.

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5. In January 2018, WeChat announced a record of 580,000 mini-programs.

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6. In 2015, WeChat offered a heat map feature that showed crowd density.

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7. In 2016, WeChat started a service charge if users transferred cash from their WeChat wallet to their debit cards.

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8. In 2014 for Chinese New Year, WeChat introduced a feature for distributing virtual red envelopes, modelled after the Chinese tradition of exchanging packets of money among friends and family members during holidays.

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9. In 2017 WeChat had a policy of a maximum of two advertisements per day per Moments user.

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