11 Facts About Atlantic Airways

1. Virgin Atlantic Airways now serves over 30 fabulous destinations worldwide from dazzling cities and dream family holidays in North America to African adventures, relaxing Caribbean Islands or a taste of the exotic in Asia.

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2. Virgin Atlantic Airways uses three different classes on their aeroplanes: Economy, Economy and Upper Class.

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3. Virgin Atlantic Airways owns 25 Airbus A340 aeroplanes and 13 Boeing 747 aeroplanes.

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4. Virgin Atlantic Airways is owned by 2 companies, Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines.

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5. Virgin Atlantic Airways said it would add "resilience" to its fleet after the engine issues with its 787s.

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6. Virgin Atlantic Airways has had to temporarily park some of its 787s while they wait for attention.

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7. Virgin Atlantic Airways uses a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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8. On 11 January 2019, Virgin Atlantic Airways formed the Connect Airways consortium with Stobart Aviation and Cyrus Capital, to make a takeover bid for Flybe.

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9. In late 2018, Virgin Atlantic Airways were rated 83rd in the world in energy efficiency, behind many of their competitors.

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10. Virgin Atlantic Airways would retain its independence as a UK airline with a UK operating certificate, and will continue to fly under the Virgin brand.

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11. In September 2014 Virgin Atlantic Airways announced plans to scrap flights to Tokyo, Mumbai, Vancouver and Cape Town, and to codeshare transatlantic flights with Delta Air Lines; the company was reported to be considering axing its new Little Red domestic airline after suffering heavy losses.

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