65 Facts About Boston Redskins


The Redskins branding used by the team from 1933 to 2019 was seen as pejorative by various Native American groups and was retired in 2020 due to pressure from several NFL and team sponsors as part of a wave of name changes in the wake of the George Floyd protests.

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City of Boston Redskins, was awarded an NFL franchise on July 9,1932, under the ownership of George Preston Marshall, Vincent Bendix, Jay O'Brien, and Dorland Doyle.

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Later in the draft, the Boston Redskins selected Wayne Millner, who became a large part of their offense.

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Boston Redskins played their first game and had their first victory in Washington, DC on September 16,1937, against the Giants.

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On October 15,1939, the Boston Redskins achieved an NFL first when Frank Filchock threw the first 99-yard touchdown pass in NFL history, to Andy Farkas, in a game against his old team, the Pirates.

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Boston Redskins won nine games in 1940 and finished on top of the Eastern Division.

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Boston Redskins played in the NFL Championship one more time before a quarter-century drought that did not end until the 1972 season.

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Boston Redskins helped pull off two of the best trades of the 1960s, gaining quarterback Sonny Jurgensen from the Philadelphia Eagles and linebacker Sam Huff from the New York Giants.

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Finally, under threat of civil rights legal action by the Kennedy administration, which would have prevented a segregated team from playing at the new District of Columbia Stadium, as it was owned by the US Department of the Interior and thus federal government property, the Boston Redskins became the final pro football franchise to integrate, in 1962, in their second season in the stadium.

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In 1961, the Boston Redskins drafted their first African-American player and first black Heisman Trophy winner, RB Ernie Davis.

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Boston Redskins was eventually elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and became assistant general manager of the Redskins.

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Also in 1969, the Boston Redskins hired legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi after promising him part ownership of the franchise.

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Boston Redskins chose well during the 1979 NFL Draft, where they drafted future stars Don Warren and Monte Coleman.

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Also during the off-season, the Boston Redskins acquired Mark May, Russ Grimm, and Dexter Manley in the 1981 NFL Draft, all of whom became significant contributors to the team for the next few years.

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The 1980s Boston Redskins had another group of wide receivers with a nickname: "The Smurfs", which consisted of Gary Clark, Alvin Garrett, and Charlie Brown.

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The Boston Redskins have the distinction of being the only team with no players crossing the picket line.

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The Boston Redskins won their second championship in Super Bowl XXII on January 31,1988, in San Diego, California.

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One individual achievement that happened during these season occurred on October 9,1994, when linebacker Monte Coleman played in his 206th career game with the Boston Redskins, which broke Art Monk's team record for games played.

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On Christmas Eve 1994, the Boston Redskins became a part of NFL history: they were the last team to defeat the Los Angeles Rams before the latter team relocated to St Louis for 1995.

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On December 16,1996, the Redskins played their final game at Robert F Kennedy Memorial Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys.

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Boston Redskins's estate, headed by son John Kent Cooke, took over ownership of the Redskins and at his memorial service, John Kent Cooke announced that the new stadium in Landover, Maryland will be named Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.

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Also during the 1997 offseason, two Boston Redskins players became the focus of media attention when Michael Westbrook, 1995 first-round draft pick, punched Stephen Davis, an incident caught by local TV news cameras.

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The Boston Redskins had a chance to win the game with a 52-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds of the game, but the snap from center Dan Turk to Brad Johnson, the holder, was off and the Bucs won.

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On January 3,2001, the Boston Redskins hired former Browns and Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer as the 24th Boston Redskins head coach.

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On September 13,2001, after the September 11 attacks, the Boston Redskins announced the establishment of the Boston Redskins Relief Fund to help families of the victims of the attack at the Pentagon.

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Boston Redskins finished the 2001 campaign with 1,432 yards on 356 carries, which were both franchise single-season records.

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Boston Redskins continued signing Florida players during his tenure with the Redskins, including using the Redskins' second-round draft pick during the 2003 NFL Draft to select Taylor Jacobs, a wide receiver who was largely considered a bust for the Redskins.

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The final big change in the off-season occurred on March 3,2004, when the Boston Redskins agreed to a trade with the Broncos, sending cornerback Champ Bailey and a second-round draft choice to Denver for running back Clinton Portis.

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The Boston Redskins picked Sean Taylor and Chris Cooley during the 2004 NFL Draft, who both quickly emerged as talented players.

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Boston Redskins made only one major move at the beginning the 2005 off-season, acquiring wide receiver Santana Moss from the New York Jets for Laveranues Coles.

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The Boston Redskins made their biggest off-season moves at the 2005 NFL Draft, where they drafted cornerback Carlos Rogers in the first round, from Auburn.

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Musgrave's input allowed the Boston Redskins to utilize the shotgun formation, a first under Gibbs.

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The Boston Redskins used their first pick of the 2005 NFL Draft on Auburn University cornerback Carlos Rogers.

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The Boston Redskins used their next first round draft pick on Auburn Quarterback Jason Campbell.

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In that game, the Boston Redskins broke the record for fewest offensive yards gained in a playoff victory, with one of their two touchdowns being from a defensive run after a fumble recovery.

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The Boston Redskins struggled every week to stay close in games and hold leads.

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The following week the Boston Redskins started a four-game losing streak that did not end until week 14.

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The Boston Redskins lost the next two games to the Cowboys and Buccaneers.

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The Boston Redskins had the number 21 painted on the field, a parking lot entrance and the Boston Redskins Hall of Fame, all three of which became makeshift memorials.

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Just five days after Taylor's death, the Boston Redskins tried to snap their losing streak at home against the Buffalo Bills.

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Three days later, the Boston Redskins played the Chicago Bears on a Thursday night, hoping to stop the losing-streak and to honor Taylor properly with a victory.

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The biggest surprise came on February 10,2008, when the Boston Redskins promoted newly hired offensive coordinator Zorn as Head coach instead of hiring someone else outside the franchise.

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The Boston Redskins played in the NFL Kickoff game on September 4,2008, against the Giants.

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The Boston Redskins lost players to free agency, including Mark Brunell, Reche Caldwell, David Macklin, and Pierson Prioleau.

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Boston Redskins signed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a 7-year, $100 million contract in the offseason.

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Boston Redskins signed offensive guard Derrick Dockery to a 5-year deal, bringing him back to the team that drafted him in 2003.

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Three days before the Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants, the Boston Redskins hired former Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Bruce Allen.

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On January 5,2010, Mike Shanahan agreed to a five-year contract with the Boston Redskins and announced that he would bring his son, Kyle, from Houston to be the team's offensive coordinator, and ex-NFL head coach Jim Haslett for the defensive coordinator position.

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The Boston Redskins then released veteran guard Derrick Dockery and linebacker Andre Carter.

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The Boston Redskins then traded troubled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots for a 5th-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

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The Boston Redskins then traded Quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings for two 6th round draft picks.

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The Boston Redskins chose not to re-sign their 2005 first round draft pick Carlos Rogers, who later signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

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The Washington Boston Redskins made a habit of trading down and acquiring more, later round picks in the draft; the team entered the draft with 7 picks and ended up making a total of 12 selections.

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Boston Redskins was then named the full-time starter by Coach Shanahan, and responded with three consecutive 100 yard performances.

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On December 27 RB Ryan Torain was released and the Boston Redskins activated WR Aldrick Robinson, their 6th pick, from the practice squad making 11 of the Boston Redskins 2011 draft picks on the 53-man roster.

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On March 2,2012, the Boston Redskins announced that they had placed a franchise tag on Fred Davis.

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On March 9,2012, the Boston Redskins agreed in principle to trade their first round and second round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, as well as their first-round picks in the 2013 and 2014 NFL Drafts, to the St Louis Rams for their second overall draft pick in 2012.

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The Boston Redskins proceeded to re-sign last season's starters, Tim Hightower, Will Montgomery, Adam Carriker, and Kory Lichtensteiger during the offseason.

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Boston Redskins released veteran fullback, Mike Sellers, and last season's starters, Oshiomogho Atogwe and Jabar Gaffney.

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Boston Redskins's leaving of the team was expected due to the additions of free agent wide receivers, Garcon and Morgan, and the expectancy of second-year receiver, Leonard Hankerson, to emerge as a threat for the 2012 season.

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Alfred Morris had 113 yards rushing on 24 carries and 1 touchdown while the Boston Redskins defense intercepted two passes from Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and sacked him a total of three times.

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The Boston Redskins defense, led by London Fletcher's 11 total tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 pass defensed, confused and rattled Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo all game long.

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However, the Boston Redskins eventually chose to relocate their summer training camp to Richmond, Virginia.

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Washington Boston Redskins fired Shanahan and most of his staff on December 30,2013.

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The Boston Redskins had a league-high 25 players on injured reserve at the end of the season.

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