16 Facts About Cairo Conference


The Conference was held in Cairo, Egypt, between the United Kingdom, China, and the United States.

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Cairo Conference established China's status as one of the four world powers, which was of great political and strategic significance to China.

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Churchill wanted to meet Roosevelt alone before the Cairo Conference to discuss the Grand Alliance plan of action in Europe for fear of heavy casualties to British forces, but the United States did not want to postpone the counterattack because of Stalin's insistence for the Anglo-Americans to open a second front to relieve the pressure faced by Soviet troops against Germany.

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Idea of the Cairo Conference originated from the Moscow Conference, in October 1943, of the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, the United States, the Republic of China, and the Soviet Union.

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Cairo Conference telegraphed to Churchill to assure that both of them would have another opportunity to discuss privately before meeting with Chiang and Stalin.

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Churchill insisted on going to Cairo Conference, insisting that local protection by British troops could guarantee their security [11]:216 and sent a brigade of British troops to install anti-aircraft guns and a defensive radar network in Cairo Conference.

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Cairo Conference meeting was held at a residence of Alexander Comstock Kirk, the American ambassador to Egypt, near the Giza pyramid complex, about 8 miles from the center of Cairo Conference.

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Cairo Conference then met with the president's representative Patrick Hurley to discuss the Tehran Conference and other issues.

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Cairo Conference arrived at 3:30 pm the British and American officials had believed that the Chinese would show up only while the Chiefs of Staff were discussing issues of interest to them.

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Cairo Conference suggested increasing the strength of three Army divisions, moving US troops in India to China after the occupation of northern Burma, and attacking Shanghai and Taiwan if necessary.

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Cairo Conference expressed support for Operation Tarzan and was willing to include troops from Langa and Yunnan, but he insisted for it to be coupled with a massive naval operation in the Bay of Bengal to establish air and sea superiority for the operation to succeed.

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Cairo Conference pointed out that those operations had to be considered in the context of an overall plan to defeat Japan, but that the overall plan had not been negotiated at all.

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Cairo Conference further disapproved of the use of American ground troops, but Roosevelt overruled the military's decision.

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Cairo Conference promised Chiang that Operation Tarzan would be supplemented by a massive amphibious offensive in the Bay of Bengal and to support Chiang in his struggle against imperialism.

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The Cairo Conference Declaration made no specific mention of the future of the Ryukyu Islands.

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Cairo Conference Declaration demanded for the first time that Japan must "surrender unconditionally" and return the Japanese home islands.

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