21 Facts About Dean Ambrose

1. Dean Ambrose is one of the biggest stars in World Wrestling Entertainment today.

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2. Dean Ambrose is only behind Lex Luger and Rick Rude for the longest US title reigns.

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3. Dean Ambrose has led a more interesting life and carved out a more interesting path to WWE stardom than most.

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4. Dean Ambrose was my favorite member of The Shield back in the day, and luckily for me and the rest of the WWE Universe the Hounds of Justice are back.

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5. Dean Ambrose is beaten by his former Shield partner Seth Rollins, who makes $2.4 million.

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6. Dean Ambrose made his debut in June 2004, wrestling under the name Jon Moxley for the Heartland Wrestling Association.

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7. Dean Ambrose was quite eager to get involved in wrestling from a young age.

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8. Dean Ambrose found an escape from his life in wrestling, particularly drawing inspiration from Bret Hart and Paul Heyman.

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9. Dean Ambrose was born on December 7th, 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he had something of a difficult childhood.

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10. Dean Ambrose said there is no sickness that can cure Rollins and he said at TLC, he will put Rollins out of his misery.

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11. Dean Ambrose was vaccinated before he heads to Houston next week.

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12. Dean Ambrose would get the better of the exchange and land Dirty Deeds twice.

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13. At the climax of the show, Dean Ambrose hit the ring to address the crowd thinking Rollins had left the arena, but the Architect stormed the ring and finally got his hands on the Lunatic Fringe.

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14. Dean Ambrose now has even more motivation to take the Intercontinental Championship from his former Shield brother at TLC.

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15. Dean Ambrose keeps hinting towards the end of "something", whether it be his career or his time with The Shield.

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16. Dean Ambrose still shows some bite when he's in the ring, so we're not sure why the WWE thinks he needs to act like every other heel on the Monday Night RAW roster.

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17. Dean Ambrose was voted as the Most Popular Wrestler of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers in 2014 and 2015.

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18. The next night on Raw, Dean Ambrose wrestled his first match since December 2017, defeating Ziggler.

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19. Dean Ambrose lost the match by disqualification after hitting Wyatt with steel chairs and putting him through a table.

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20. Dean Ambrose started appearing at WWE house shows in December 2011.

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21. Dean Ambrose won his first championship while in the group, the United States Championship, with his 351-day reign being the third-longest in history and a company record within WWE.

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