12 Facts About Desigual


Desigual was founded by Thomas Meyer in 1984, and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

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In 2011, Desigual started collaborating with French designer Christian Lacroix.

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Desigual has ten sales channels, both physical and online, and distribution is centralized in logistics centers located in Viladecans, Gava, New Jersey and Hong Kong.

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Desigual was managed by Manel Adell from 2002 until December 2013.

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In January 2010, Desigual launched a campaign in Spain and Portugal to promote the sale period: customers were invited to enter stores in their underwear, with the first 100 customers receiving a free outfit.

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Desigual signed a worldwide partnership with Cirque du Soleil in June 2011to develop a clothing collection named "Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil" including sixty items of clothing and accessories.

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Desigual collaborated with Disney in a collection inspired by the iconic denim jacket, created by Thomas Meyer in the 80s from denim scraps with leather embellishments of different colour.

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RFID technology has been implemented across all Desigual stores, enabling the inventory to be managed accurately and in real time, while establishing stock traceability from the source.

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Desigual's clothing is mainly manufactured in Asia, primarily in countries such as China and India.

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Desigual has stores and points of sale in 107 countries: with recent store openings in Asia, South Africa, Latin America, Europe, and ecommerce launching in Hong Kong, Russia and Turkey, among other markets.

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The complaint was settled out of court, with Desigual issuing a formal apology and withdrawing all garments with that design.

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Desigual stated in its official Twitter profile that it was a humorous and fictional commercial, that included the warning text "do not try it at home".

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