32 Facts About Liberal Party

1. Liberal Party has always governed in coalition with The Nationals.

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2. Liberal Party is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Democrat Union and the International Democrat Union.

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3. Liberal Party already knew that Menzies represented one of its principal difficulties.

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4. From the outset, the Liberal Party sought a complete amalgamation of the anti-socialist forces.

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5. Liberal Party represented the interests of the middle-level and large landowners and the big bourgeoisie of Hungary.

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6. Liberal Party represented the interests of the big commercial-industrial bourgeoisie and powerful landowners.

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7. On 25 May 1965, the Liberal Party merged with Herut to form Gahal, a Hebrew acronym for Herut–Liberals Bloc, though the two parties continued to function as independent factions within the alliance.

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8. Liberal Party was formed on 8 May 1961, towards the end of the fourth Knesset when the two parties merged again, together holding 14 Knesset seats.

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9. Liberal Party had its roots in the General Zionists, centrists who sought to unify all Zionists without regard to socialist, revisionist, or religious leanings, and stressed industrial development and private enterprise.

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10. Liberal Party rebounded its seats in the Legislative Council from 3 to 5 in the 2012 Hong Kong Legislative Council election with James Tien regained his direct elected seat in the New Territories East geographical constituency.

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11. Liberal Party had been the ally of the Tung Chee-hwa's administration.

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12. Liberal Party contested in elections for the first time in the 1994 District Board elections, resulted in winning 18 seats.

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13. Liberal Party was officially launched on 6 June 1993 with Allen Lee and Ronald Arculli as the first chairman and vice-chairman.

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14. Liberal Party was founded on the basis of a loose political grouping Co-operative Resources Centre in 1993.

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15. Liberal Party has generally not performed as well in elections to the European Parliament.

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16. Liberal Party is a member of the International Democrat Union.

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17. Liberal Party has held office in Western Australia intermittently since 1947.

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18. The Commonwealth Liberal Party was a fusion of the Free Trade Party and the Protectionist Party in 1909 by the second prime minister, Alfred Deakin, in response to Labor's growing electoral prominence.

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19. Liberal Party is the largest and dominant party in the Coalition with the National Party of Australia.

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20. Liberal Party was originated from the Peelites, Radicals and Whigs.

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21. Liberal Party was one of the two traditional political parties in Paraguay.

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22. Liberal Party came to power in 1899 after defeating the Conservative Party in the Federalist War and remained in power until 1920.

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23. Liberal Party originated in the reformist opposition groups that emerged in the mid-19th century in what are now the provinces of Quebec and Ontario—"Rouges" in the former and Clear Grits in the latter.

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24. In the 1963 election Pearson led the Liberal Party back to victory, forming a minority government.

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25. The Labour Liberal Party benefited most from this huge change in the electorate, forming its first minority government in 1924.

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26. Liberal Party might have survived a short war, but the totality of the Great War called for measures that the Party had long rejected.

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27. Liberal Party was one of the two major parties in the United Kingdom with the opposing Conservative Party in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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28. The British National Liberal Party played a similar role of weaning votes most away from the Conservative party which then mostly returned to that party at various points between 2001 and 2010.

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29. The National Liberal Party has kept up this strategy, appealing for ethnic minority votes by focusing on national struggles abroad and with particular emphasis on injustices in Sri Lanka and India.

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30. In 2010, she switched to the Republican Liberal Party, according to the Clarion Ledger.

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31. Liberal Party sources said the motion is not binding and does not reflect the view of the NSW division.

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32. Liberal Party is a name for political parties around the world.

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