27 Facts About Prada


Mario Prada did not believe that women should have a role in business, and so he prevented female family members from entering his company.

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Luisa's daughter, Miuccia Prada, joined the company in 1970, eventually taking over from Luisa in 1978.

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Prada's met Patrizio Bertelli in 1977, an Italian who had begun his own leather goods business at the age of 24, and he joined the company soon after.

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Prada's would go on to incorporate her ideas into the house of Prada that would change it.

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Prada's released her first set of backpacks and totes in 1979.

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In 1983, Prada opened a second boutique in the centre of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan's shopping heart, on the site of the previous historic "London House" emporium run by Felice Bellini from 1870 to the 1960s, reminiscent of the original shop, but with a sleek and modern contrast to it.

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That same year, the house of Prada began expansion across continental Europe and the United States by opening locations in prominent shopping districts within Florence, Paris, Madrid, and New York City.

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Prada launched its women's ready-to-wear collection in 1988, and the designs came to be known for their dropped waistlines and narrow belts.

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Prada's popularity increased when the fashion world took notice of its clean lines, opulent fabrics, and basic colors.

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Prada's originality made it one of the most influential fashion houses, and the brand became a premium status symbol in the 1990s.

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Prada was successful in having the Prada bags prominently displayed in department stores, so that they could become a hit with fashion editors.

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Prada owned eight factories and subcontracted work from 84 other manufacturers in Italy.

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Since then Prada has been regarded as one of the most intelligent and conceptual designers.

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The proposition seemed unlikely because Prada was at the time still a small company and was in debt.

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Prada was determined to hold a leading portfolio of luxury brands, like the Gucci group and LVMH.

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Prada took on debts of Fendi, as the latter company was not doing well financially.

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Miuccia Prada assured that the shoes sold in stores would have a lower heel, and that the little socks would be sewn into the shoes in order to prevent further slips.

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Prada is the main buyer from the Turkish leather factory DESA, which was found guilty by the Turkish Supreme Court of illegally dismissing workers who joined a union.

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The Clean Clothes Campaign, a labor rights organization based in Europe, has called on Prada to ensure that freedom of association is respected at the factory.

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In July 2016, Prada clothing became available to purchase online for the first time through Net-a-Porter and Mytheresa.

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Prada has featured many actors as models in their menswear shows and campaigns, including Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Emile Hirsch and Norman Reedus.

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In 2016, after 6 years of restoration Prada opened an events space in a historic residence in the Rong Zhai district of Shanghai, China.

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In 2007, Miuccia Prada contributed costume designs for two digital characters in the CGI film Appleseed Ex Machina.

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In 2013, Miuccia Prada designed costumes for Baz Luhrmann's film The Great Gatsby in collaboration with costume designer Catherine Martin.

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In 2005, a false Prada boutique was built as an art installation 26 miles away from Marfa, Texas.

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In May 2011, the Feminists rallied outside the Tsim She Tsui branch of Prada, calling on the Hong Kong exchange to veto the brand's initial public offering .

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In October 2012, Tokyo District Court Judge Reiko Morioka ruled in favor of Prada, saying their alleged discrimination was “acceptable for a luxury fashion label.

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