34 Facts About San Francisco 49ers

1. The San Francisco 49ers lost a heartbreaker on Monday night against the Giants.

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2. San Francisco 49ers not happy refs re-spotted the ball on last drive Monday night.

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3. The San Francisco 49ers are heading into a bye week and that means the media appearances are in full force.

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4. San Francisco 49ers have three rivals within their division: the Los Angeles Rams, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Seattle Seahawks.

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5. In 1996, the San Francisco 49ers celebrated their 49th anniversary by designing a commemorative jersey patch based on the earlier shield-crest logo.

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6. San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls, their first three under Bill Walsh.

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7. San Francisco 49ers signed running back Reggie Bush, wide receiver Torrey Smith, and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett.

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8. The San Francisco 49ers would trade a sixth round draft pick for wide receiver Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens, the team that had beaten them in the Super Bowl.

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9. In 2012, the San Francisco 49ers were predicted to be the NFC West champions and possibly make a run for the Super Bowl.

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10. In week 13 the San Francisco 49ers won the NFC West with a victory against the St Louis Rams, finally ending their nine-year playoff drought.

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11. The San Francisco 49ers selected quarterback Colin Kaepernick from the University of Nevada, Reno with the 36th overall pick in the second round.

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12. In week 3, the San Francisco 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, who had been hand-picked by Singletary in the 2009 offseason.

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13. In the NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers made another key addition to their defense, selecting middle linebacker Patrick Willis with the 11th overall pick.

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14. In the off-season, the San Francisco 49ers signed cornerback Nate Clements and safety Michael Lewis to improve their secondary.

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15. The San Francisco 49ers gained two new divisional rivals, the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, while former divisional foes Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers moved to the newly formed NFC South.

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16. The San Francisco 49ers had the 2nd most productive offense in league history.

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17. On the same day as Seifert's retirement, the San Francisco 49ers hired Cal head coach Steve Mariucci as his replacement.

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18. San Francisco 49ers made the playoffs in 1995 and again in 1996, being eliminated by the Green Bay Packers both times in the Divisional Round.

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19. In the 1988 NFL season, the San Francisco 49ers struggled to start the season; Walsh would constantly switch QBs between Montana and Young.

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20. The San Francisco 49ers played the Cowboys tough, but the Cowboys forced six turnovers and held the lead late.

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21. The San Francisco 49ers got off to a strong start in 1980, winning their first three games of the season.

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22. In that game the San Francisco 49ers recorded 10 sacks, including 6 by Tommy Hart.

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23. San Francisco 49ers featured one of the best running games in the NFL in 1976.

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24. In 1974, the San Francisco 49ers drafted Wilbur Jackson from the University of Alabama to be the team's primary back.

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25. The San Francisco 49ers sent five players to the Pro Bowl that season, including MVP veteran quarterback John Brodie, wide receiver Gene Washington, and linebacker Dave Wilcox.

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26. In 1962, the San Francisco 49ers had a frustrating season as they won only 6 games that year.

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27. In 1957, the San Francisco 49ers enjoyed their first sustained success as members of the NFL.

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28. In 2016, the San Francisco 49ers were ranked the 10th most valuable sports team in the world, behind basketball's Los Angeles Lakers and above soccer's Bayern Munich.

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29. The San Francisco 49ers have been in the league playoffs 26 times: 25 times in the NFL and one time in the AAFC.

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30. The name "San Francisco 49ers" comes from the prospectors who arrived in Northern California in the 1849 Gold Rush.

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31. The San Francisco 49ers were the first major league professional sports franchise based in San Francisco.

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32. San Francisco 49ers are a professional American football team located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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33. The San Francisco 49ers will be out for revenge against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8, here we look at five players key to helping them achieve it.

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34. The San Francisco 49ers met the Oakland Raiders on their home turf for Thursday night's game and positively trampled their East Bay rivals.

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