14 Facts About Syracuse University

1. Syracuse University is a private research university in Syracuse, New York.

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2. An endowment of $400,000 was subscribed by the Methodist church and the City of Syracuse University offered $100,000 to establish the school.

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3. Coeducation at Syracuse University traced its roots to the early days of Genesee College where educators and students like Frances Willard and Belva Lockwood were heavily influenced by the Women's movement in nearby Seneca Falls, NY.

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4. In 1919, Syracuse University added its business school which contains multiple MBA programs.

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5. The Syracuse University raised the required endowment in a little over a month, with the largest share being contributed by Archbold.

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6. In 1946, the Syracuse University admitted 9,464 freshmen, nearly four times greater than the previous incoming class.

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7. Velocity with which the Syracuse University sped through its change into a major research institution was astounding.

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8. In 1966, Syracuse University was admitted to the Association of American Universities, an organization of leading research universities devoted to maintaining a robust system of academic research and education.

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9. That evening, Syracuse University went on with a basketball game just hours after the attack, for which the university was severely criticized and the university's chancellor subsequently apologized.

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10. The student-faculty ratio at Syracuse University is 15:1, and the school has 58.5 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

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11. In 2019, Syracuse University was ranked 22nd in New York State by average professor salaries.

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12. Graduate students at Syracuse University are represented by the Graduate Student Organization, while the law students at Syracuse University are represented by the Law Student Senate.

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13. Toward the end of the 1970s, Syracuse University was under pressure to improve its football facilities to remain an NCAA Division I football school.

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14. Binghamton Syracuse University was established in 1946 as Triple Cities College, to serve the needs of local veterans of the Binghamton, New York area, who were returning from World War II.

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