14 Facts About The NCAA

1. The NCAA says it doesn't want you to gamble on your bracket.

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2. The NCAA is the dominant, but not the only, collegiate athletic organization in the United States.

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3. The NCAA limits the amount of compensation that individual players can receive to scholarships equal to school tuition and related expenses.

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4. The NCAA provided a breakdown of how those revenues were in turn spent, organizing pay-outs and expenses into some 14 basic categories.

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5. The NCAA provides a demographics database that can be openly viewed by the public.

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6. The NCAA accepted the revised bill and continues to host events in Indiana.

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7. The NCAA provides many resources concerning the education of the college community on this topic and policies in order to foster diversity.

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8. The NCAA provides many resources to provide information and enforce this amendment.

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9. The NCAA has kept these core values central to its decisions regarding the allocation of championship bids.

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10. The NCAA has never sanctioned an official championship for its highest level of football, now known as Division I FBS.

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11. The NCAA had called the sport "sand volleyball" until June 23, 2015, when it announced that it would use the internationally recognized name of "beach volleyball".

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12. The NCAA currently awards 90 national championships yearly—46 women's, 41 men's, and coed championships for fencing, rifle, and skiing.

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13. The NCAA had no full-time administrator until 1951, when Walter Byers was appointed executive director.

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14. The NCAA was dissatisfied with its Johnson County, Kansas suburban location noting that its location on the south edges of the Kansas City suburbs was more than 40 minutes from Kansas City International Airport.

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