9 Facts About The Pony Express

1. The Pony Express announced its closure on October 26, 1861, two days after the transcontinental telegraph reached Salt Lake City and connected Omaha, Nebraska, and Sacramento, California.

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2. The Pony Express was a nephew of the superintendent of the stage line to Denver, called the "Pike's Peak Express.

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3. The Pony Express died there on October 12, 1912 where he was buried.

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4. The Pony Express had ridden 340 miles in thirty-one hours without stopping to rest or eat.

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5. The Pony Express was one of those who rode for the Pony Express during the entire nineteen months of its existence.

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6. The Pony Express drifted in and out of public mention but eventually died in Chicago during the winter of 1912 in deep poverty after suffering a stroke.

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7. The Pony Express was born January 1840 in London, England, and came to the United States as a teenager.

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8. The Pony Express selected horses from around the west, paying an average of $200.

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9. The Pony Express presented each rider with a special edition Bible and required this oath, which they were required to sign.

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