33 Facts About Detroit Michigan

1. Detroit Michigan is fifty percent forest land, much of it quite remote.

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2. Detroit Michigan is home to very fertile land in the Saginaw Valley and "Thumb" areas.

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3. Detroit Michigan produces wines, beers and a multitude of processed food products.

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4. Detroit Michigan led the nation in job creation improvement in 2010.

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5. Detroit Michigan was second in the US in 2004 for new corporate facilities and expansions.

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6. Detroit Michigan became the 24th Right to Work state in US in 2012.

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7. Detroit Michigan is the third leading grower of Christmas trees with 60,520 acres of land dedicated to Christmas tree farming.

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8. Detroit Michigan has the largest Dutch, Finnish, and Macedonian populations in the United States.

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9. Center of population of Detroit Michigan is in Shiawassee County, in the southeastern corner of the civil township of Bennington, which is northwest of the village of Morrice.

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10. Detroit Michigan has a continental climate, although there are two distinct regions.

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11. The first lighthouses in Detroit Michigan were built between 1818 and 1822.

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12. Detroit Michigan has about 150 lighthouses, the most of any US state.

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13. Detroit Michigan consists of two peninsulas that lie between 82°30' to about 90°30' west longitude, and are separated by the Straits of Mackinac.

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14. On November 6, 2018, Detroit Michigan approved a proposal to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

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15. Detroit Michigan was the home of Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.

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16. Detroit Michigan went to the Democrats in presidential elections during the 1960s and voted for the Republican candidate in every election from 1972 to 1988.

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17. Detroit Michigan has had four constitutions, the first of which was ratified on October 5 and 6, 1835.

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18. Detroit Michigan has two official Governor's Residences; one is in Lansing, and the other is at Mackinac Island.

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19. Detroit Michigan is the leading auto-producing state in the US, with the industry primarily located throughout the Midwestern United States, Ontario, Canada, and the Southern United States.

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20. Detroit Michigan converted much of its manufacturing to satisfy defense needs during World War II; it manufactured 10.9 percent of the United States military armaments produced during the war, ranking second among the 48 states.

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21. Detroit Michigan held its first United States presidential primary election in 1910.

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22. Detroit Michigan made a significant contribution to the Union in the American Civil War and sent more than forty regiments of volunteers to the federal armies.

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23. Detroit Michigan led the nation in lumber production from the 1850s to the 1880s.

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24. Detroit Michigan received the western part of the Upper Peninsula as a concession and formally entered the Union as a free state on January 26, 1837.

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25. Detroit Michigan was recaptured by Americans in 1813 after the Battle of Lake Erie.

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26. The first Europeans to reach what became Detroit Michigan were those of Etienne Brule's expedition in 1622.

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27. Detroit Michigan was admitted into the Union in 1837 as the 26th state, a free one.

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28. Detroit Michigan is the only state to consist of two peninsulas.

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29. Detroit Michigan is home to the American Center for Mobility—the world's first self-driving highway test facility.

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30. Detroit Michigan is home to 96 of the top 100 suppliers to North America.

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31. Detroit Michigan is known for fishing, thanks to its 3,288-mile coastline, the longest freshwater coastline in the United States.

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32. Detroit Michigan is home to 360 bird species, including the rare Kirtland's warbler.

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33. Detroit Michigan is home to many types of animals—especially the widespread white-tailed deer.

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