26 Facts About England Rugby

1. England Rugby took over from Stuart Lancaster a week after Lancaster's resignation.

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2. England Rugby went on to play significant roles in the early development of the sport in both New Zealand and Canada.

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3. England Rugby went on three British and Irish Lions tours where he was capped five times.

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4. England Rugby retired from Test rugby after he led England to a Six Nations Grand Slam and World Cup victory in 2003 and has since become the team Manager.

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5. England Rugby became the first player to captain two Lions tours when he captained them in Australia in 2001.

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6. England Rugby captained the Lions to South Africa in 1997, and in 1999 was appointed captain of England.

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7. England Rugby led England to the final of the 1991 World Cup, and captained the Barbarians FC.

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8. England Rugby was best known as a superlative leader, motivating England to a remarkable three Grand Slams in five years, including back to back slams in 1991 and 1992.

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9. England Rugby became a Member of Parliament in 1935, and was knighted in 1944.

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10. England Rugby was involved in three Five Nations Grand Slams in 1921, 1923 and 1924.

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11. On 18 October, England Rugby finalised a 36-man squad ahead of the 2018 Autumn Internationals.

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12. England Rugby have the fourth most points and fourth most tries scored in the World Cup.

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13. In 2015, England Rugby became the first sole host nation to fail to qualify for the knockout stage, exiting the pool stage after losses to Wales and Australia.

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14. England Rugby have won the title outright 28 times and shared victory ten times.

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15. England Rugby have typically worn all-white jerseys, white shorts with and predominantly black socks.

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16. England Rugby had wanted to use Jerusalem but it was used in the Rugby League cup final that year so the song was changed at short notice to "Swing Low".

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17. In 2018, England Rugby lost five consecutive test matches, including a home match versus Ireland.

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18. England Rugby started the 2007 Six Nations Championship with a Calcutta Cup victory over Scotland.

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19. In 2002, England Rugby defeated Argentina in Buenos Aires, and then a second string All Blacks, Australia, and South Africa at Twickenham.

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20. England Rugby commenced the new decade by winning the inaugural Six Nations title.

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21. England Rugby hosted the 1991 World Cup and were in pool A, along with the All Blacks, Italy and the United States.

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22. England Rugby played in Dublin in 1973 and were given a standing ovation lasting five minutes.

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23. England Rugby broke France's four-championship streak by winning the 1963 Championship.

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24. England Rugby defeated Scotland in 1880 to become the first winners of the Calcutta Cup.

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25. England Rugby dominated the early Home Nations Championship which started in 1883.

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26. England Rugby are to date the only team from the northern hemisphere to win the Rugby World Cup, when they won the tournament back in 2003.

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