6 Facts About Kosovo

1. In 1969, the parliament of Kosovo established Kosovafilm, a state institution for the production, distribution and showing of films.

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2. In 2014, Kosovo submitted their first film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, with Three Windows and a Hanging directed by Isa Qosja.

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3. The Olympic Committee of Kosovo became a full member of the International Olympic Committee in 2014.

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4. The Government of Kosovo have signed free-trade agreements with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia.

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5. The majority of the Muslim population of Kosovo are ethnic Albanians, Turks and Slavs, inclduing Gorani and Bosniaks.

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6. The largest and most populous district of Kosovo is the District of Pristina with the capital in Pristina, having a surface area of 2,470 square kilometres and a population of 477,312.

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