11 Facts About The Indian Navy

1. The Indian Navy is in the process of constructing a new naval base, INS Varsha, at Rambilli for its Arihant Class submarines.

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2. The Indian Navy succeeded in Mission Dakshin Dhruv 2006 by traversing to the South Pole on skis.

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3. The Indian Navy conducted exercise with the People's Liberation Army Navy in 2003, and sent ships to the South China Sea to participate in the fleet review.

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4. The Indian Navy has a dedicated cadre for matters pertaining to information technology cadre named as Information Technology Cadre, under the Directorate of Information Technology.

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5. The Indian Navy plans to have six nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines in service in the near future.

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6. The Indian Navy's is under lease to India for a period of ten years.

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7. The Indian Navy currently operates three Kolkata, three Delhi and five Rajput-class guided-missile destroyers.

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8. The Indian Navy operates a monitoring station, fitted with radars and surveillance gear to intercept maritime communication, in Madagascar.

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9. The Indian Navy has berthing rights in Oman and Vietnam.

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10. The Indian Navy plays an important role in providing humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters, including floods, cyclones and tsunamis.

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11. The first C-in-C of The Indian Navy was Admiral Sir Edward Parry who took over from Hall in 1948 and handed over to Admiral Sir Charles Thomas Mark Pizey in 1951.

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