25 Facts About Toronto Ontario

1. Toronto Ontario has an extensive network of bicycle lanes and multi-use trails and paths.

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2. Toronto Ontario is a central transportation hub for road, rail and air networks in Southern Ontario.

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3. Toronto Ontario is host to a wide variety of health-focused non-profit organizations that work to address specific illnesses for Toronto, Ontario and Canadian residents.

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4. In 2007, Toronto Ontario was reported as having some of the longer average ER wait times in Ontario.

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5. The University of Toronto Ontario, established in 1827, is Canada's largest university and has two satellite campuses, one of which is located in the city's eastern district of Scarborough while the other is located in the neighbouring city of Mississauga.

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6. Toronto Ontario has a comparable rate of car theft to various US cities, although it is not among the highest in Canada.

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7. Toronto Ontario was a candidate city for the 1996 and 2008 Summer Olympics, which were awarded to Atlanta and Beijing respectively.

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8. Toronto Ontario hosted the 2015 Pan American Games in July 2015, and the 2015 Parapan American Games in August 2015.

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9. Toronto Ontario was home to the International Bowl, an NCAA sanctioned post-season college football game that pitted a Mid-American Conference team against a Big East Conference team.

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10. Toronto Ontario is home to the Toronto Ontario Rush, a semi-professional ultimate team that competes in the American Ultimate Disc League.

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11. Toronto Ontario has hosted several National Football League exhibition games at the Rogers Centre.

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12. Toronto Ontario is represented in Major League Soccer by the Toronto FC, who have won six Canadian Championship titles, as well as the MLS Cup in 2017.

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13. In 2016, Toronto Ontario hosted the 65th NBA All-Star game, the first to be held outside the United States.

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14. Toronto Ontario has a long history of minor-league professional baseball dating back to the 1800s, culminating in the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team, whose owner first proposed an MLB team for Toronto.

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15. Toronto Ontario is home to the Toronto Ontario Maple Leafs, one of the National Hockey League's Original Six clubs, and has served as home to the Hockey Hall of Fame since 1958.

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16. Toronto Ontario is home to Casa Loma, the former estate of Sir Henry Pellatt, a prominent Toronto financier, industrialist and military man.

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17. Toronto Ontario still has some active older industrial areas, such as Brockton Village, Mimico and New Toronto.

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18. Toronto Ontario is a city of high-rises, having 1,800 buildings over 30 metres.

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19. City of Toronto Ontario has a hot summer humid continental climate bordering on a warm summer humid continental climate (Koppen: Dfb), with warm, humid summers and cold winters.

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20. The Toronto Ontario Islands and Port Lands extend out into the lake, allowing for a somewhat sheltered Toronto Harbour south of the downtown core.

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21. Toronto Ontario became the largest alcohol distillation centre in North America.

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22. Toronto Ontario became the capital of the province of Ontario after its official creation in 1867.

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23. The name Toronto Ontario is likely derived from the Iroquoian word tkaronto, meaning "place where trees stand in the water".

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24. Toronto Ontario is the anchor of an urban agglomeration, known as the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.

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25. Government of Toronto Ontario operates a commuter rail and bus transit system called GO Transit in the Greater Toronto Area.

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