9 Facts About Viktor Orban

1. In September 1992, Viktor Orban was elected vice chairman of the Liberal International.

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2. From April 1996, Viktor Orban was chairman of the Hungarian national committee of the New Atlantic Initiative.

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3. On 18 April 1993, Viktor Orban became the first president of Fidesz, replacing the national board that had served as a collective leadership since its founding.

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4. On 16 June 1989, Viktor Orban gave a speech in Heroes' Square, Budapest, on the occasion of the reburial of Imre Nagy and other national martyrs of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

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5. At the college, Viktor Orban edited the social science journal Szazadveg and was one of the key figures among the radical students.

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6. The first members of the party, including Viktor Orban, were mostly students from the Bibo Istvan College for Advanced Studies who opposed the Communist regime.

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7. On 30 March 1988, Viktor Orban was one of the founding members of Fidesz and served as its first spokesperson.

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8. In 1989, Viktor Orban received a scholarship from the Soros Foundation to study political science at Pembroke College, Oxford.

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9. Under his leadership, Viktor Orban shifted Fidesz away from its original centre-right, classical liberal, pro-European integration platform toward right-wing national conservatism.

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