37 Facts About Amundi


Amundi Group has been listed on the Euronext stock exchange since November 2015.

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In legal terms, Amundi Group owns Amundi Asset Management, as well as several other subsidiaries in the asset management sector, notably CPR Asset Management and BFT Investment Managers in France.

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In 2017, the Amundi group acquired Pioneer Investments, the asset management subsidiary of Unicredit, and in 2021 acquired Lyxor Asset Management, a subsidiary of Societe Generale.

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Amundi is involved in a range of investment management activities.

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Amundi is particularly engaged in active management, through a range of mutual funds as well as in passive management as an ETF issuer and index fund manager.

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Amundi offers products in the real and alternative asset investment segments .

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In France, Amundi is more widely known for its activities in the field of French employee savings schemes .

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Amundi has a research and analysis unit, which issues regular publications on global economic conditions and stock market developments.

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The name 'Amundi' was officially announced on 23 October 2009 The company was created on 1 January 2010 following permission from the European Commission to proceed with the merger.

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In 2012, Amundi drew up a distribution agreement with asset manager TOBAM and took a 10.

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In June 2013, Amundi announced the acquisition of Smith Breeden Associates in the United States, which became effective in October 2013.

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Amundi Group was listed on the Euronext stock exchange on 12 November 2015 with a market capitalisation of 7.

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Amundi consequently became the eighth largest asset management company in the world.

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Acquisition enabled Amundi to expand its distribution network in Italy, Germany and Austria, where Pioneer Investments already had an established presence, while broadening its investment management expertise.

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In 2021, Amundi announced the acquisition of Lyxor Asset Management from Societe Generale for €825 million.

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Lyxor's expertise in ETF management has enabled Amundi to develop its passive management business and to become the second largest ETF provider in Europe behind BlackRock.

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Amundi manages different types of funds, including a range of UCITS funds and exchange-traded funds, as well as funds invested in real and alternative assets, notably in real estate and structured products.

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Amundi manages a broad range of UCITS funds, which are divided into two main categories: equities and bonds .

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Amundi is involved in passive management through the sale of ETFs.

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Amundi ETF offers a range of products divided into two categories: equity ETFs and bond ETFs .

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In private equity, Amundi created Amundi Private Equity Funds, a subsidiary aimed at acquiring stakes in unlisted companies.

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In March 2018, Amundi joined forces with the International Finance Corporation to launch a green bond focused on emerging market countries.

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Every month, Amundi publishes a monthly paper on the website entitled 'Cross Asset Investment Strategy'.

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Amundi uses external financial analyses to support its investment management activities.

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In 2021, Amundi announced a partnership with BNY Mellon to integrate the 'OMNI' tools developed by BNY Mellon into Amundi Technology's offering, for clients mainly based in the US and the UK.

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In 2021, Amundi reported that Amundi Technology's tools are used by 24 clients, including 11 clients who joined in 2020.

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Amundi owns several subsidiaries in the asset management sector in France.

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Amundi was previously a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Asset Management from the former Compagnie parisienne de reescompte acquired by Credit Agricole Indosuez in 2000.

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In 2015, Amundi announced that CPR AM would become its centre of expertise for investing in thematic equities and transferred €2.

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Amundi is specialized in ETF management, but in alternative investment, including services for hedge funds.

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In France, Amundi owns two subsidiaries which were inherited from SGAM at the time of the merger with CAAM.

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Amundi has six asset management platforms around the world, in Paris, London, Tokyo, Boston, Dublin and Milan.

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Amundi has offices in most European countries in order to distribute its investment products locally.

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Amundi has other subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia .

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Amundi has a presence in four other areas of the Asian continent, via joint ventures with local financial players.

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In Latin America, Amundi has offices in Mexico and Chile, both of which are affiliated with Amundi Iberia SGIIC, as well as in Argentina.

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In February 2021, Amundi announced that it had become the title sponsor of The Evian Championship, a women's golf tournament held in France that is one of the five major championships recognized by the U S LPGA, which operates the most lucrative women's professional tour.

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