42 Facts About Baron Strucker


Baron Wolfgang von Strucker is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Baron Strucker has been physically augmented to be nearly ageless.

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Baron Strucker fought for Germany during World War I, during which he first encountered the jewel "Momentary Princess", which was fated to appear and disappear at regular intervals of time.

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In 1937, German Intelligence agent Baron Strucker was sent to the United States to assassinate Senator Fulton, but he was foiled by brigand-for-hire Dominic Fortune.

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Later in 1941, Baron Strucker invaded Latveria, seeking to use the Sturm-Fanger to control cosmic energies; the device was wrecked by time-traveling members of X-Force.

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Baron Strucker challenged Fury to a duel on the island of Norsehaven, and Fury violated direct orders to meet Baron Strucker and satisfy his pride.

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Baron Strucker had the event recorded and sent back to Germany as propaganda material to destroy Fury's reputation.

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Baron Strucker assembled the Blitzkrieg Squad, who could match each of the Howlers skill for skill, but the Howlers defeated them at every turn.

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Baron Strucker led the Blitzkrieg Squad to England to assassinate Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, but they were foiled by the Invaders.

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Baron Strucker finally abandoned the Blitzkrieg Squad, which was later led by Colonel Klaue.

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Baron Strucker encountered the time machine's creator Doctor Doom, who allowed him to return to the past, not believing that Strucker could win the war even with the knowledge he had obtained.

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Baron Strucker rounded up the resistance to send them to camps to avoid having to destroy the town, but the Howling Commandos derailed his train, freeing the captives.

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Baron Strucker escaped Germany because of the Red Skull, Hitler's right-hand man, who foresaw Hitler's fall, and wanted an alternative power base.

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In Japan, Baron Strucker joined forces with the Hand and an underground subversive movement which later became Hydra where he received help from Arnim Zola into establishing it.

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Baron Strucker was instrumental in Hydra's earliest raids on war plants to supply their troops, and finally confronted the Supreme Hydra, claiming that as the organization's true mastermind, he should be Hydra's leader.

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The Supreme Hydra refused and shot him, but Baron Strucker had worn a bulletproof vest, and slew the Supreme Hydra, claiming his title.

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Baron Strucker moved Hydra's operations to a private island in the Pacific, named Hydra Island.

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Ever more uncomfortable with the progress of the war, Baron Strucker continued to operate Hydra from the shadows while pretending to be a loyal Nazi, secretly funneling Hitler's resources into his own operation.

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Baron Strucker obtained the Dragon of Death, a powerful Japanese submarine, and made it Hydra's new mobile headquarters.

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In 1944, Baron Strucker encountered the Gnobians, a benevolent race of empathic extraterrestrials who had crashed near Gruenstadt.

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Baron Strucker fled their crashed ship, taking discs of their information to his scientists.

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Baron Strucker gave the Red Skull the gas used to preserve them, and it preserved the Skull when he was buried alive in his bunker during a battle with Captain America.

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Baron Strucker married more than once in the years that followed resulting in a son named Werner, who resisted his father's influence, and twins Andrea and Andreas, who were genetically altered by Hydra scientists and so, developed super powers later in life.

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Baron Strucker rebuilt Hydra Island, but concealed his role in the organization by using a front called "THEM", in which he was Grand Imperator.

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Baron Strucker finally revealed himself as Hydra's true leader when he prepared to unleash the Death Spore bomb from Hydra Island.

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Baron Strucker agreed to work with Zemo in his grand plan to take over the world and left together.

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Baron Strucker reveals that he no longer adheres to orthodox Nazi beliefs, since he does not wish to "cleanse" the world, but simply to rule it.

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Baron Strucker seems happy finding this out saying that "We've been dancing to the melody for so long, and finally you hear it too".

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Baron Strucker calls forth all Hydra leaders, and resurrects the Gorgon for the purpose of "letting the world become aware of Hydra's true nature".

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The news that Osborn had recently murdered his son Andreas had little impact on Baron Strucker, who calmly declared that he now owed Osborn "two favors".

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Baron Strucker is described as no longer being Hydra's leader, though shown to still be heavily involved in international subversive dealings.

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Baron Strucker is a highly intelligent man in peak human physical condition.

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Baron Strucker is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, swordsman, and marksman.

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Baron Strucker is a consummate military strategist and spy, and a master of disguise and excellent actor.

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Baron Strucker carries a sword and traditional firearms, but wears the Satan Claw on his right hand: this metal gauntlet amplifies his strength and emits powerful electrical shocks.

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Baron Strucker uses serums developed by Hydra, enabling him to maintain his physical vigor at its height and retard his aging process, so that physically he remains the same, despite his advanced age.

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Sixth Baron Strucker was the dictator of Earth-9939 under the name Charnel.

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Baron Strucker was depicted as a necromantic, cybernetic monster who took over that Earth and created demon-drones called Spawn of Charnel to do his bidding.

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Baron Strucker was responsible for wiping out most of its heroes there.

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Baron Strucker attacked Stark Island and summoned Dormammu by using Tony Stark's gate to the Negative Zone.

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Baron Strucker plotted to take over the territories that Doctor Doom rules over only for Doctor Doom to attack first which led to the death of Baron Strucker and the annihilation of Hydra.

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Baron Strucker appeared in live-action media set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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