37 Facts About Denver Colorado

1. Denver Colorado serves as a major hub for United Airlines, is the headquarters for Frontier Airlines, and is the fastest-growing focus city for Southwest Airlines.

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2. Denver Colorado has a nearly complete beltway known as "the 470s".

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3. Denver Colorado is primarily served by the interstate freeways I-25 and I-70.

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4. In 2018, Denver Colorado entered the public micro-mobility space with dockless electric scooters and e-bike services.

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5. In 1972, 1981, and 2008, Denver Colorado played host to the Libertarian Party of the United States National Convention.

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6. Denver Colorado hosted the 2008 Democratic National Convention, which was the centennial of the city's first hosting of the landmark 1908 convention.

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7. In 2005, Denver Colorado became the first major city in the US to vote to make the private possession of less than an ounce of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older.

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8. At the federal level, Denver Colorado is the heart of Colorado's 1st congressional district, which includes all of Denver and parts of Arapahoe County.

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9. Denver Colorado is home to a large network of public community gardens, most of which are managed by Denver Urban Gardens, a non-profit organization.

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10. Denver Colorado continues to grow its park system with the development of many new parks along the Platte River through the city, and with Central Park and Bluff Lake Nature Center in the Stapleton neighborhood redevelopment.

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11. Denver Colorado owns the mountain on which the Winter Park Resort ski area operates in Grand County, 67 miles west of Denver.

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12. Many of Denver Colorado's parks were acquired from state lands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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13. Denver Colorado submitted the winning bid to host the 1976 Winter Olympics but subsequently withdrew, giving it the dubious distinction of being the only city to back out after having won its bid to host the Olympics.

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14. Denver Colorado has 29 recreation centers providing places and programming for resident's recreation and relaxation.

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15. Denver Colorado is home to a variety of sports teams and is one of 13 US cities with teams from four major sports.

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16. Denver Colorado is well known for other types of food such as Rocky Mountain oysters, rainbow trout, and the Denver sandwich.

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17. Denver Colorado is famous for its dedication to New Mexican cuisine and the chile.

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18. Denver Colorado used to be a major trading center for beef and livestock when ranchers would drive cattle to the Denver Union Stockyards for sale.

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19. Denver Colorado has numerous art districts around the city, including Denver's Art District on Santa Fe and the River North Art District.

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20. Denver Colorado has many nationally recognized museums, including a new wing for the Denver Art Museum by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, the second largest Performing Arts Center in the nation after Lincoln Center in New York City and bustling neighborhoods such as LoDo, filled with art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs.

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21. In 2015, Denver Colorado ranked No 1 on Forbes' list of the Best Places for Business and Careers.

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22. Denver Colorado is in 149th place in terms of the cost of doing business in the United States.

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23. In fact, Denver Colorado has received three of the top 10 costliest hailstorms in United States history, which occurred on July 11, 1990; July 20, 2009; and May 8, 2017 respectively.

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24. Denver Colorado lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone.

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25. Denver Colorado has a number of neighborhoods not reflected in the administrative boundaries.

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26. Denver Colorado does not have larger area designations, unlike the City of Chicago, which has larger areas that house the neighborhoods.

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27. The City and County of Denver Colorado is surrounded by only three other counties: Adams County to the north and east, Arapahoe County to the south and east, and Jefferson County to the west.

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28. Denver Colorado is in the center of the Front Range Urban Corridor, between the Rocky Mountains to the west and the High Plains to the east.

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29. Denver Colorado has hosted the Democratic National Convention twice, in 1908 and again in 2008, taking the opportunity to promote the city's status on the national, political, and socioeconomic stage.

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30. In 2010, Denver Colorado adopted a comprehensive update of its zoning code.

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31. Denver Colorado explored a potential bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, but no bid was submitted.

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32. In 1970, Denver Colorado was selected to host the 1976 Winter Olympics to coincide with Colorado's centennial celebration, but in November 1972, Colorado voters struck down ballot initiatives allocating public funds to pay for the high costs of the games, which were subsequently moved to Innsbruck, Austria.

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33. Denver Colorado is the most populous city within a 500-mile radius and the second-most populous city in the Mountain West after Phoenix, Arizona.

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34. Denver Colorado is the most populous city of the 18-county Front Range Urban Corridor, an oblong urban region stretching across two states with an estimated 2017 population of 4,895,589.

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35. Denver Colorado is ranked as a Beta—world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

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36. Denver Colorado is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level.

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37. Denver Colorado is located in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

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