12 Facts About Hilton

1. Around the turn of the century Conrad Hilton rented out rooms in his family's home.

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2. Barron Hilton concentrated on solving the problem of his father's will.

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3. Barron Hilton maintained a no-partnership policy for the company's casino-hotels.

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4. In 1970, Barron Hilton engineered the $112 million purchase that would generate the largest percentage of the company's revenues within a decade: two casino-hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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5. In 1945, Hilton traveled to Chicago to complete the purchase of the Stevens, which he had initiated in 1940, and ended up acquiring the Palmer House as well.

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6. In 1938, Hilton bought his first hotel outside of Texas, the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco.

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7. Conrad Hilton buys Statler Hotel for $111 million dollars, which at the time was the largest real estate deal ever.

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8. Conrad Hilton appears on the cover of Time magazine, the first hotelier to achieve such recognition.

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9. Conrad Hilton gave up active management of the company in 1966 when his son Barron was named president.

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10. In 1954, Hilton bought the Statler hotel chain for $111 million.

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11. In 1949, Hilton realized a long-held goal when he leased New York's Waldorf-Astoria, considered to be the greatest hotel in the world.

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12. In 1912, New Mexico became a state and Hilton was elected to the state legislature as a Republican.

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