16 Facts About NY Times

1. New York NY Times has won 125 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper.

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2. New York NY Times was criticized for the 13-month delay of the December 2005 story revealing the US National Security Agency warrantless surveillance program.

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3. New York NY Times was criticized for the work of reporter Walter Duranty, who served as its Moscow bureau chief from 1922 through 1936.

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4. In June 2012, The New York NY Times launched its first official foreign-language variant, cn.

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5. In 2008, The New York NY Times created an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which allowed users to download articles to their mobile device enabling them to read the paper even when they were unable to receive a signal.

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6. New York NY Times was made available on the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2008, and on the iPad mobile devices in 2010.

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7. New York NY Times began publishing daily on the World Wide Web on January 22, 1996, "offering readers around the world immediate access to most of the daily newspaper's contents.

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8. New York NY Times printed a display advertisement on its first page on January 6, 2009, breaking tradition at the paper.

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9. In 2017, the NY Times eliminated the position of public editor.

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10. In December 2012, the NY Times published "Snow Fall", a six-part article about the 2012 Tunnel Creek avalanche which integrated videos, photos, and interactive graphics and was hailed as a watershed moment for online journalism.

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11. In September 2008, The New York NY Times announced that it would be combining certain sections effective October 6, 2008, in editions printed in the New York metropolitan area.

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12. New York NY Times switched to a digital production process sometime before 1980, but only began preserving the resulting digital text that year.

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13. On September 14, 1987, the NY Times printed the heaviest ever newspaper, at over 12 pounds and 1,612 pages.

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14. The New York NY Times began an international edition in 1946.

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15. Since the mid-1970s, The New York NY Times has greatly expanded its layout and organization, adding special weekly sections on various topics supplementing the regular news, editorials, sports, and features.

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16. New York NY Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

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