35 Facts About Salmond SNP

1. Salmond SNP takes an interest in Scottish cultural life, as well as watching Star Trek and listening to country and western music.

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2. In January 2016, Salmond SNP prompted by broadcasting colleague Iain Dale, called Trump a "chicken" for refusing to appear on his LBC talk show, which had then been recently launched.

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3. Salmond SNP lost his seat as member for Gordon to Colin Clark of the Conservatives, receiving 19,254 votes to the Conservatives 21,861.

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4. Salmond SNP has experience of troubled political buildings, having opposed the construction of the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh when cost estimates rose from £50m to £230m in 2000.

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5. In October 2016, Salmond SNP said Liverpool or Manchester would be an ideal site to rebuild the Houses of Parliament, to make the economy less dependent on London.

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6. Salmond SNP tweeted the party would advocate a "pro Europe", "pro developing world" and "against military adventurism" stance.

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7. On 7 December 2014, Salmond SNP announced that he would stand as the SNP candidate for the Westminster constituency of Gordon in the 2015 May election.

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8. Salmond SNP has faced scrutiny for his closeness to Rupert Murdoch.

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9. On 7 November 2012, Salmond SNP became the longest-serving First Minister of Scotland, when he surpassed the 2,001-day term of his predecessor, Jack McConnell.

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10. Salmond SNP responded to a freedom of information request for information on his spending six months after receiving it, and referred to it as "ridiculous frippery".

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11. In December 2011, Salmond SNP spent £260 on a pair of trews that he wore to a ball in China.

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12. At this election, Salmond SNP was reelected for Aberdeenshire East, essentially a reconfigured version of Gordon.

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13. Salmond SNP declined to attend those held on the BBC and ITV, and Angus Robertson agreed to take his place in the other debates.

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14. Salmond SNP said it would be "unacceptable" for the SNP to be excluded from the 2010 UK election televised debate and sought "guarantees of inclusion from the broadcasters, given their inescapable duty to ensure fairness and impartiality in election-related coverage in Scotland" in the buildup to the 2010 UK general election.

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15. In November 2007, Salmond SNP received The Spectator's Parliamentarian of the Year award for his "brilliant campaign" and "extraordinary victory" in the Scottish Parliament elections, thereby ending eight years of Labour rule.

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16. Salmond SNP reduced the size of the Cabinet from nine members to six, and said he would seek to govern on a "policy by policy" basis.

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17. Salmond SNP became the first nationalist politician to hold the office of First Minister.

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18. Salmond SNP has gone further than many anti-war politicians in claiming that Blair's statements on the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were consciously intended to deceive the public.

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19. Salmond SNP was elected to the Scottish Parliament in 1999 and was one of its highest-profile members.

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20. Salmond SNP was opposed to the conflict because it was not authorised by a United Nations Security Council resolution, which was a controversial subject at the time.

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21. Salmond SNP was one of the few politicians in the UK to oppose the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999.

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22. Salmond SNP increased its number of MPs from four to six in the 1997 general election, which saw a landslide victory for the Labour Party.

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23. Salmond SNP went on to win the leadership election by 486 votes to Ewing's 146.

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24. Salmond SNP served as a member of the House of Commons Energy Select Committee from 1987 to 1992.

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25. Salmond SNP was at this time still viewed as being firmly on the left of the party and had become a key ally of Jim Sillars, who joined him in the House of Commons when he won a by-election for the seat of Glasgow Govan in 1988.

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26. Salmond SNP was, along with other group leaders, suspended from membership of the SNP when the 79 Group was banned within the larger party.

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27. Salmond SNP started his political life as a committed left-winger inside the SNP and was a leading member of the socialist republican organisation within it, the 79 Group.

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28. Salmond SNP was elected as Vice-President of the Students' Representative Council in 1977 and was nominated to join St Andrews Community Council that year.

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29. Salmond SNP studied at Edinburgh College of Commerce from 1972 to 1973, gaining an HNC in Business Studies, and was then accepted by the University of St Andrews, where he studied Economics and Medieval History.

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30. Salmond SNP attended the local Linlithgow Academy from 1966 to 1972.

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31. Salmond SNP was born in his parents' home at 101 Preston Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, on 31 December 1954.

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32. Salmond SNP was succeeded as SNP leader by his deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, as she was the only candidate to stand for the leadership election.

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33. Salmond SNP has campaigned on global warming and in government has committed Scotland to legislation on emission reduction and the generation of renewable energy.

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34. At the 2011 Scottish Parliament election the Salmond SNP won with an overall majority, a feat previously thought almost impossible under the additional member system used in elections for the Scottish Parliament.

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35. Salmond SNP served as the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Gordon from 2007 to 2011, and for Aberdeenshire East from 2011 to 2016.

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