13 Facts About The FBI

1. The FBI has a wide variety of career paths for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences.

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2. The FBI arrested Jerome Jacobson, the head of security at the firm who created the Monopoly pieces for McDonalds.

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3. The FBI likes to keep an eye on the Burning Man festival, due to fears of terrorist-related activities.

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4. The FBI maintains their own Bitcoin wallet that consists of seized Bitcoins.

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5. The FBI spent two years analyzing the lyrics to Louie Louie for obscenities.

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6. The FBI will release statistics at least twice per year that will help researchers, reporters, community activists and anyone else better understand trends in police shootings.

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7. The FBI is in charge of National Virtual Translation Center, which provides "timely and accurate translations of foreign intelligence for all elements of the Intelligence Community.

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8. The FBI provides these tools of sophisticated identification and information services to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies.

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9. The FBI maintains over 400 resident agencies across the United States, as well as over 50 legal attaches at United States embassies and consulates.

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10. The FBI does not specifically list crimes in Native American land as one of its priorities.

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11. The FBI shares concurrent jurisdiction with the Drug Enforcement Administration in the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

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12. The FBI is organized into functional branches and the Office of the Director, which contains most administrative offices.

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13. The FBI was chiefly responsible for creating the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, or the FBI Laboratory, which officially opened in 1932, as part of his work to professionalize investigations by the government.

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